Lewis Diuguid

More red-light cameras may be headed to Kansas City

The red-light cameras worked so well in Kansas City that officials are considering moving some or adding more to city streets.

That certainly will confuse drivers who have gotten into a routine of timing intersections differently, where they know the mechanical bandits are posted. Drivers don’t make rolling stops on right turns at those intersections.

Do that, and it will result in a $100 ticket. Drivers hover over the brake going toward the red-light camera intersections and then punch the gas when it looks like they will make it through without the light changing and the city hearing cha-ching.

Five years of the mechanical devices being on Kansas City streets has caused vehicular crashes to drop and red light camera running to also go down, The Kansas City Star reports.

Adding more red-light cameras or changing the locations could make city streets even safer. But officials first need to decide what should occur at dozens of intersections where stoplights last year were replaced with stop signs.

Getting that resolved would do a lot to ease residents’ concerns vs. the anxiety that the red-light cameras continue to create.