Lewis Diuguid

U.S. must do more to end sexual assault

President Barack Obama is right to insist that the U.S. military end the sexual abuse problem that has plagued the armed forces.

About 26,000 military personnel suffered sexual assaults last year. But this isn’t just an armed forces problem.

This is a major concern for all aspects of American society.

The Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault website reports that “one in six women will be the victim of completed or attempted rape. And we know that less than 20 percent of all rapes are reported. At the same time, one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused during childhood.”

People send their children to college and out to live on their own but can only pray that none will be victims of sexual assaults or worse. Just as the military is taking action to counter this terrible problem, so should the rest of American society.