Derek Donovan

Derek Donovan: Liberals’ cathartic wishful tweeting

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We’ve heard a lot of cluck-clucking about how fans of President Donald Trump (more foes of Hillary Clinton, really) carelessly disseminate obviously phony “news” supporting their worldview. You just don’t see these validations of false liberal narratives because those on the left are nowhere near as gullible as the right — or so goes the refrain.

Well, those singers aren’t plugged into progressive Twitter. That’s where the prolific Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch served up their “exclusive” scoop Saturday night: “A sealed indictment has been issued against Trump by FISA court to serve as the basis of impeachment.”

They quickly became the tweeters heard ‘round the world, making it all the way to the front page of influential website Reddit. But there’s the persnickety little fact that FISA courts don’t issue indictments.

Oops. “I’m not an attorney,” Taylor walked back the next morning.

Both have a history of questionable claims. But they stand by their story, without evidence or corroboration.

That’s not to say it’s impossible. But their music certainly sounds too sweet to be true for Trump-weary ears.

Derek Donovan,