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Colleen McCain Nelson’s ‘Stuff I Like’: Fast pizza and ‘Hamilton’ in KC

Pizzeria Locale makes high-end pizzas in only two minutes.
Pizzeria Locale makes high-end pizzas in only two minutes. .

Here’s what The Star’s new editorial page editor, Colleen McCain Nelson, is into right now:

Pizzeria Locale

The fast-fired pizzas at this casual chain in my KC neighborhood have become my go-to move on weeknights when I need a pick-me-up — and an easy dinner to pick up on the way home. I love fine dining, and occasionally I even cook full-fledged meals. But often, pizza seems like the right answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?” With a 900-degree oven that cooks my Diavola in just two minutes, Pizzeria Locale has hit the sweet spot of authentic and quick.

Treats Unleashed


Our dogs, Rock and Larry, agree that this Leawood pet store was reason enough for us to move back to the Midwest. Obedience is not the pups’ strong suit, but the cheeseburger and “Mutter Butter” treats here persuade Rock and Larry to sit and even shake on command. And the semi-indestructible stuffed fish toys at Treats Unleashed have become my dogs’ can’t-live-without-them security blankets. We now own one in every size and color.

“The Americans”

I’ve been hooked on this FX spy show about KGB agents posing as married D.C.-area suburbanites since the first episode aired four years ago. Each season has been more compelling than the last, so I’m counting down to the return of “The Americans” on March 7. While it’s a period drama set during the Reagan administration, cloak-and-dagger tales of Soviet espionage suddenly seem all the more relevant today.

Loose Park and the Trolley Track Trail


To offset my pizza habit, I’m perpetually training for the next race and searching for scenic destinations where I can log some miles. Loose Park and the nearby Trolley Track Trail offer plenty of people-watching and a respite from dodging cars. Snow and ice have created an added degree of difficulty in recent weeks, but with a half marathon and a marathon on my 2017 to-do list, I will be a regular on the trail.


A reporting assignment last year provided me with the opportunity to see part — but only part — of this hip-hop phenomenon on Broadway. Attending half of “Hamilton” was a bit of a cruel tease, so I’m celebrating the news that everyone’s must-see show is coming to Kansas City … but not till the 2018-19 season. In the meantime, I bought tickets for Kansas City Broadway Series’ next season so that I can enjoy an array of musicals and secure my place in line to be in “The Room Where It Happens.”

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