Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on off-leash dog park, guns, Donald Trump

Off-leash park

Thank you, Kansas City dog park advocates and city and park leaders, for the improvements at the Swope off-leash dog park. The drainage work looks as if it will improve the flooding, and the additional picnic tables in shady areas are marvelous.

Located just east of Lakeside Nature Center on Gregory Boulevard, this is a real jewel for dog lovers in Kansas City and those visiting.

Most off-leash dog parks in Missouri are on a membership basis and are key-accessed. That makes it a pain when you are traveling with your best friend.

So, thanks, and keep up the good work.

Kathie Kerr

Kansas City

Guns, U.S. safety

The GOP theme Monday at its convention was “Make America Safe Again.” Let me guess. How about pushing for a universal open-carry law?

A police presence would no longer be required at public assemblies. Crowds could be self-policing. Calls to 911 reporting people carrying weapons could be considered crank calls (with subsequent penalty of law) because everyone would have the right to carry weapons.

Certainly, it would help propel the U.S. to the No. 1 position among developed countries in the category of homicides committed with a firearm. Count the U.S. with Mexico, Turkey and Estonia among the nations competing to garner the top spot.

If one is generous enough to believe that the U.S. is a civilized country (as opposed to developed), we are safely in the lead with no danger of losing our top spot. For example, the United Kingdom reports a very low firearm-related death rate with the U.S. comfortably in the lead.

The push of the GOP for a fully armed nation could result in a safer nation in only one conceivable way: Stay locked up in your homes.

David Starke

Lexington, Mo.

Trump, Christianity

The endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. begs the question: Why are so many evangelical Christians fawning over the quite un-Christian Trump?

Megalomania and spreading hate are the opposite of our faith. In Mark 7:22, Jesus denounces “avarice, wickedness, deceit, envy, slander, pride, folly.” And ironically, who comes to mind?

Strange times, indeed.

Charlie Ford

Warrensburg, Mo.

18th & Vine needs

The 18th and Vine Historic Jazz District primarily needs to be a business empowerment/enterprise zone (7-13, A9, “Kansas City Council moves closer to agreement on 18th and Vine funding”).

A thriving business district is what initially attracted and supported restaurants, jazz and baseball.

The business incubator inside the Lincoln Building has been full for more than one year.

In light of this fact, the baseball park is a very poor use of real estate. The amount of land used for recreation will not increase the per-capita income of people living in this zip code. A baseball park solves none of our problems but will create many.

Keep in mind that families live in this district. The increase in traffic and noise will seriously diminish the quality of life for the elderly and children living here.

No one here said he wanted a baseball park. We are tired of other people deciding what should be in our neighborhood.

The proposed bond issue must target increasing the financial stability of longtime 3rd District residents. We want a self-sustaining community that is not predominantly dependent on jazz and sports tourism.

We want small business creation, not more recreation. Contrary to popular opinion, entertainment is not our raison d’etre. We need a business park, not a baseball park.

Imani Malaika

Kansas City

Fighting politicians

Primary election season is in full swing. I have observed that nearly every campaign ad contains the words “I will fight.”

Some will fight for conservative values, some will fight for fairness, some will fight for gun rights, some for the right to legally discriminate against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community or to defund Planned Parenthood or whatever.

The list goes on and on.

I wish I could ask each candidate whether he or she has any plans to do anything but fight. Does he or she actually expect to get anything done if elected?

Do you plan to govern?

We have all seen the effect that fighting for principles has had in Washington, D.C. — paralysis and total dysfunction. My hope was to avoid that on the state level.

Pearl Wehrman