Letters to the Editor

Readers weigh in on Donald Trump, the Holocaust and climate change

Loud Trump

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is a modern-day snake-oil salesman, selling an elixir that he says will “Make America great again.”

As in the late 19th century with those loud-mouthed salesmen, there are Americans today who believe his loud lies.

Robert Godwin

Kansas City

Questioning cuts

Recently, a candidate for one of the local county offices left her campaign card at my door. It introduced her and gave the reasons she is the best for the office.

One thing she mentioned was cutting taxes. What I would like to have asked here is this:

▪ What programs are overfunded now?

▪ What programs are superfluous?

▪ What is the general thought behind your cuts and eliminations?

▪ Would the cuts and the program reductions and eliminations benefit all the public?

Too often “tax cut” is used as a platitude with no real meaning. Voters need to get wiser and ask how these tax cuts as well as eliminations of programs are going to benefit everyone.

Steven Cottrell

Kansas City

White elephants

Instead of continually dithering over the fate of Kemper Arena, Kansas City is now trying to get the facility listed on the National Register of Historic Places (7-5, A1, “Kemper Arena could be honored for historic role”).

Maybe the city should try the same strategy with its antiquated Kansas City International Airport.

Bruce Erickson

Lee’s Summit

Holocaust justice

Elie Wiesel died knowing a former SS sergeant who served as a guard at Auschwitz will be spending his remaining years locked up for his involvement in the horrors of the Holocaust (7-3, A16, “Elie Wiesel, a powerful Holocaust witness, dies”).

It’s too bad it took so long to catch the man, but it is good to have another reminder of the Holocaust, especially for the disbelievers. Ezra Lieberman (from the movie “The Boys from Brazil”) would also be pleased.

Margaret Kensinger


Leaderless U.S.

For the past eight years we have had a narcissistic, no-experience, community organizer as a commander in chief. He has done nothing for our nation all over the world with his apologizing and bowing to other world leaders who do not deserve any respect at all.

We already are the laughingstock of the world.

You really need to study your history, because President Barack Obama has been nothing but a Nero incarnate who has played golf while this great nation sinks into an abyss.

Michael Partain

Kansas City

Egotistical humans

There are warmer winters and hotter summers. There are stronger storms, earthquakes and rising sea levels. Glaciers are retreating.

Land that previously was not farmed because of short growing periods is now arable. Therefore, more food is available to support larger populations. Formerly arable land is now desert-like because of shrinking rainfall, creating food shortages and starvation.

This is descriptive of the Medieval Warm Period, roughly 900 to 1250 AD. I’m sure wise men at the time explained that this kind of weather was the result of all those arrows being shot in the air.

That, along with the water that ran off the edge of the world being blocked and all those ships in the seas causing the sea level to rise.

Since Earth began, there has been a gradual cooling over millions of years, thus constant climate change. Most scientists agree that the tilt of the Earth’s axis, variation in the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit and solar activity drive these changes.

It is egotistical to think that people have a greater effect than these phenomena.

Joe Needles


American dining

With great sadness, I read the article about the American Restaurant’s transition to an event space (7-2, A1 “The American Restaurant begins transition to a pop-up event space”).

The American is truly one of the most architecturally beautiful restaurants in which I’ve had the pleasure of dining. Every single time I’ve entered its doors, I have been again stunned by the space.

From chefs’ dinners to celebrations with friends and family, the restaurant never disappointed.

I will miss the American when it closes its doors as a restaurant at the end of 2016.

Jennifer Randle

Overland Park