Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: Let’s fully implement America’s Clean Power Plan

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA recently announced that 2015 was the hottest year on record. The year that held the previous record? 2014.

In the middle of winter, it’s hard to worry about unseasonably warm days. However, in Missouri we also just experienced loss of life and property from record flooding. Climate change doesn’t just affect global temperatures — it also contributes to stronger and more frequent extreme weather events.

These record events prove the urgency of fully implementing America’s Clean Power Plan, which places the first federal limits on carbon pollution and marks an important step in our efforts to keep families and children safe from climate change.

Our elected climate-change deniers in Congress, including Republican Sen. Roy Blunt, have tried their best to ignore the truth and halt progress on America’s Clean Power Plan.

Missouri leaders should be focused on breaking records for creating clean energy jobs. These are the sorts of records that will help Missouri families be safe and healthy.

Kay Mills of Springfield, Mo., is an organizer for Moms Clean Air Force, a national environmental organization working to protect children’s health from the effects of climate change and air pollution. Mills graduated in 1997 from Washington University with a bachelor’s in political science. She and her husband, Andy, have three daughters, ages 13, 11 and 9.