Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Missouri government, Donald Trump and Cerner

Improving Missouri

I have a surefire, can’t-miss idea for improving Missouri government. Simply anoint Rex Sinquefield king and replace the legislature with the Show-Me Institute.

It would save all that time wasted now telling the legislators how to vote and what to think, and it would save Mr. Sinquefield the millions he’s wasting buying them.

Mark Hastert

Kansas City

Noise annoyance

The image of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saying we’re governed by “very stupid people” offends me. But he’s right.

Take local noise ordinances. Enforcement depends on people sitting in front of their homes with reliable noise meters and binoculars at, say, 1:30 a.m. when the worst offenders turn up loud car exhausts.

After collecting decibel and license plate data for a judge (who will likely throw out the complaint), the residents can then try to go back to sleep.

We can thank municipal law departments for that one. Stupid.

Norm Ledgin


KC giveaways

The Oct. 11 Cerner/Marion story, “Marion Park is Cerner warning,” was accurate but missed a couple of major points.

Neither project will succeed unless we stop the rampant crime in the area. The police must establish a zero-tolerance policy.

All tax increment financing projects are presented to the TIF Commission and City Council in the most favorable terms. I question whether either body is independent enough to truly vet the project before voting.

The same applies to community improvement district applications.

The process is weighted on the side of business interests and lawyers, not common citizens. We must find a way for those who pay taxes to have a stronger voice, even veto power in select cases.

Charles Melton

Kansas City

Presidential race

I feel sorry for the Democrats. But not really. Their wounds are self-inflicted, and the pain will last a long time.

That is what happens when the road signs say two ways, or right turn, and Democrats insist on turning left.

It all started in 2007, when the Democrats had two choices for president: the known liberal, Hillary Clinton, and the slick socialist charlatan from Chicago, Sen. Barack Obama.

The Clintons are realists while Obama is a pure ideologue for whom the end justifies the means.

Obama’s presidency has not only been destructive to our nation because of his policies, but he also has managed to coerce Democrats in the House and Senate to become hyper-partisans, to decimate our legal system and to flout our Constitution without fear of retribution.

Republicans in Congress have been cowed into submission.

We are now into a two-year process of electing a new president in 2016. Republicans have many candidates to choose from. Most of them are well-prepared, and their views reflect those of many voters.

What do Democrats have? A socialist, Clinton and a couple of other guys. Who would have ever believed it?

Ricci Ballesteros

Kansas City

Royals broadcasts

The Kansas City Royals picked a good one when selecting Rex Hudler after Frank White. I was sorry to see White leave, but his commentary left something to be desired.

On the scene comes Hudler with expertise, humor and, most of all, a TV presence. I am sure many of your readers who trash Hudler in your liberal newspaper do not understand what TV presence is.

His comments are timely and accurate. His experience comes through all the time.

What do I know about the intricacies of the art of playing baseball?

Not much. I only played sandlot pickup ball. But I did listen to Rosy Rosewell and Bob Prince describe Pittsburgh Pirates games on the radio. They did not have TV, much less replay opportunities, but they made it interesting and informative.

Rex Hudler does that for his viewers. Don’t we appreciate Hudler when the Royals game is on another channel?

Thank you, Rex, for your personality, skill and talent, and your way with fans, especially kids.

Please ignore the pundits who don’t realize what they have and go on being “Hud,” bringing us the very best commentaries in Major League Baseball.

You get the “cookie” from me and your many informed viewers.

Daniel J. Webb