Letters to the Editor

Republican Party, Kansas gun laws, Sen. Harry Reid

GOP party line

The May 2 front-page story and headline announce, “Kansas’ credit rating drops.” The GOP response: It’s President Barack Obama’s fault.

A story last month told of a full eclipse of the moon on April 15. The GOP response again could have been, It was Obama’s fault.

Two equally believable claims.

When I moved to Kansas 41 years ago, I was proud to immediately join the party of my hero, Bob Dole.

Today, that party has deteriorated into a group of mindless cretins, robotically following the orders of two billionaire roboteers in Wichita. How despicable.

George Gale Westwood Hills Kansas gun laws

With the news of young people being gunned down on Kansas City streets and commuters being shot on area highways, including those in Johnson County, the question I have for my brothers and sisters in the Sunflower State is this: Are your legislators really representing you when they pass a bill to allow open carry of weapons in all places, including bars and restaurants?

Are they really doing your bidding by nullifying local laws that, rightly, outlaw carrying weapons within a city’s boundaries? Really?

This is what you voted for? Even the most fundamentalist conservatives in Kansas cannot believe their elected leaders are serving their interests by passing a bill such as this.

And to those representatives, I ask: What base do you have left to which to pander? Are you really so cynical and uncaring of your constituents?

Is there no shame left? Is there a level so low that you will not stoop as you worship at the feet of the National Rifle Association?

Kevin Fewell
Kansas City Reid misguided

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other politicians have made careers from attacking honest Americans such as the Koch brothers.

Progressive liberals seem to hate those in our nation who espouse traditional American or Christian values such as freedom, hard work and individual accountability.

The Koch brothers have given hundreds of millions of dollars to American charities, including children’s hospitals. The real irony is that few in our news media are willing to point to the hypocrisy of progressives who, while attacking the Koch brothers, embrace George Soros in spite of, or perhaps because of, his contempt for the Constitution and our free market.

He has supported radical left-wing groups while falsely claiming it is for human rights. He is a strong supporter of President Barack Obama.

I hope the Koch brothers will continue their courageous fight to support American freedoms in spite of the many low-information voters such as Harry Reid who no longer know the difference, morally or economically, between what is right and what is wrong.

Charley Morasch Leawood Money in politics

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon vs. the Federal Election Commission seems to have created a hornets’ nest in the country. Some have lamented the decision because the Koch brothers can donate money to more candidates.

Did the decision say that the Koch brothers can donate money to Republicans but George Soros cannot donate to Democrats? No, I don’t think so.

The decision did nothing to curtail donations to either party. The Koch brothers can donate to whom they please, including Sen. Charles Schumer, a Democrat of New York.

George Soros and the labor unions can continue to donate to whom they please.

I fail to see the problem.

John Lovelace Olathe Fiscal responsibility?

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback blamed the Obama administration for the state’s revenue decline, which led to Moody’s downgrade of its credit rating (5-2, A1, “Kansas’ credit rating drops”). Brownback’s comment is as nonsensical as an individual who takes personal bankruptcy and blames the mayor of the city where he lives.

Fiscal responsibility for Kansas begins and ends in Topeka.

Bob Carlson Kansas City Negatives at KCI

It will be years before Kansas City International Airport’s terminal is rebuilt or refurbished.

US Airway’s move from Terminal A to Terminal C may be more economical for airport security and American/US Airways, but it is not a positive one for customers of those airlines.

I flew into KCI from Charlotte, N.C., on an Airbus A319. The baggage carousel is completely inadequate for that size plane.

We were five deep waiting and trying to identify and remove our bags from the very small carousel. Hopefully, a larger one can be installed soon rather than addressing the problem in a few years.

This is a negative experience for visitors to our city.

Robert Elkins Overland Park Same-sex marriage

Any Methodist worth his or her salt knows that a minister who officiates over a same-gender wedding violates the integrity both of marriage and of the persons involved. That is the clear witness of Scripture and of human sexuality itself, which is designed to engender new life.

No shift in public opinion on homosexuality changes that witness. In truth, the superficial morality behind gay marriage necessitates that witness all the more.

How else will humanity know the redeeming hope of the gospel unless its ministers clarify the truth of disordered morality? Pastors who call wrong right for the sake of cultural relevance strip the gospel of its power and deserve to be stripped of their offices.

Andrew Comiskey Kansas City Obamacare medicine

According to the dictionary, a tax is money levied on facilities or services and extortion is the wrongful taking of a person’s money or property with his consent but by the use of threat or violence or under color of office.

According to the Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act was justified as legal because it isn’t insurance but simply a tax imposed by the government. Because the Affordable Care Act isn’t to support the government or for specific facilities or services of the government, and because if you refuse to participate in the Affordable Care Act you will be penalized, isn’t it more extortion than tax?

Is it any wonder this government-imposed tax is a hard pill to swallow?

Calvin Day Kansas City Capital punishment

Some people are against the death penalty because it is inhumane and because of pain and suffering (5-1, Editorial, “Botched executions demean nation, justice”). What about the victims who die inhumanely with pain and suffering?

How about the lady who was attacked and then buried alive or the 11-month-old child who was raped? Is either humane and without pain and suffering?

What about the families and close friends of the victims? Don’t they suffer for the rest of their lives on the loss of a loved one?

What about others who have been taken at school bus stops and then murdered? What about the pain, suffering and fear for them?

What about the Bible? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? The victims had the right to live without fear of being murdered.

Talk to the common people who are not related or know the victims. What do they say? I’d say most are in favor of the death penalty.

Donald Hessenflow Independence KC homer blues

I’m a Kansas City homer, cheering the Royals, Chiefs, Sporting Kansas City, Country Club Plaza, Crossroads and Sprint. Yeah, Sprint, our hometown phone company, through thick and thin.

I have had Sprint cellphone service forever — four phones for the family. Recently after a Royals game, I could not send or receive texts or calls until we hit Interstate 435 on the way home. Then a cascade of messages poured in.

Really? My Verizon work phone had absolutely no problem.

Dan Hesse, come on, man. Give us a reason to cheer the home team.

Dave Lowe Leawood