Letters to the Editor

Gay pride, classroom discipline, guns, cars

Gay pride advances

Remember the tune, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”? Remember the adage, “like a snowball rolling down a hill”?

These both remind me of how far we’ve come in the fight for equality. This battle will not stop, and there is no turning back.

Own your truth, Michael Sam, your own truth. The sun is shining a lot brighter in my corner of the world because of you.

Lea Hopkins
Leawood Snow vs. buses

The term contingency seems to not exist in the lexicon of our civic leaders. Kansas City is not Atlanta.

If it were, there might be an excuse for the absolutely deplorable conditions of our streets after the most recent snow. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has no snow routes for the MAX, making this bus go up ridiculous inclines when an alternate route making commuters walk merely one block would keep the bus from getting stuck and running closer to its schedule.

Snow mounds block every bus stop, making it nearly impossible for the elderly and impaired to gain access to buses. This is unacceptable.

Homer Glasgow Kansas City Classroom discipline

The Obama administration is strongly advising schools to relax classroom discipline. Perhaps it would be appropriate for the administration to also strongly advise the students to behave themselves.

Problem solved.

George J. McLiney Jr. Kansas City Nixon, GOP, taxes

Congratulations to State Sen. Will Kraus, a Lee’s Summit Republican, for his ability to work out an agreement with Gov. Jay Nixon on a potential tax cut for Missourians while protecting important government services such as education (2-14, A5, “Missouri governor gives conditions for tax cut deal”).

His ability to work out a compromise while sticking to core conservative principles reminds me of the deal cut by U.S. Sen. Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, with Senate Democrats that allowed for cuts to government spending while still getting a budget passed.

It’s unlike, I might add, President Barack Obama, who has been unable to bring about compromise and whose stated position on the previous debt-ceiling raise was “I will not negotiate” and who appeared to view negotiation on health-care legislation as similar to giving in to terrorists.

Linda Vogt Jefferson City Clueless in Missouri

Someone needs to give some members of the Missouri General Assembly a lesson in American Government 101. If they think that any chief of police, county sheriff, highway patrol trooper or national guard can keep agents of the national government from enforcing federal laws in Missouri, they need to spend some time studying the American Constitution.

Republican State Sen. Brian Nieves seems to be the leader of this faction in the Missouri legislature. Because there is nothing in his background that would make him aware of portions of the American Constitution that Missouri law-enforcement officers would be breaking, he should get some guidance.

Unfortunately, the Republican lawyers in the legislature don’t seem to be any better informed on the Supremacy Clause in Article 6, Clause 2, of the Constitution.

Edward Janosik Springfield, Mo. Corporate welfare

Like other red-blooded Americans, I’m scared down to my skivvies about creeping socialism. Let’s return to rugged capitalism and reverse a massive transfer of wealth created by a bleeding-heart legal system. This is my call to liberty.

Down with the welfare system of limited liability for corporate shareholders in which entrepreneurs and investors get to keep their earned rewards, but when they fail they don’t have to pay for all of their losses. Potential profits are unlimited; potential losses should be unlimited as well.

Our corporate laws create a welfare system for the investment class by letting its members walk away from failed ventures and unpaid debts to the detriment of real Americans. Limited liability is merely the socialization of free enterprise — a handout to the wealthy.

I know that business types critical of our welfare poor will join me in calling for the termination of their own welfare benefits. True conservatives recognize that this massive, nanny-state transfer of wealth, unless stopped, will be the ruin of America.

Get the government out of our lives. Stop coddling the free-loaders.

Michael Thompson Leawood Capital punishment

Words and their long-term meanings should not be taken lightly. When “inhumane,” lacking in pity or compassion, is used in a Feb. 13 article, “Hold put on lethal drug,” the words’ meaning have been turned upside down.

Executions, rare as they ought to be, can still be necessary for closure and for confirming society’s serious contempt for murder.

In this case, we have a confessed and convicted murderer who’s been imprisoned 24 years for the abduction, rape and stabbing death of a 15-year-old girl. How many hours was she in anguish? How many years have her family and friends been in anguish? How much longer are we as a society going to intentionally continue this anguish?

For what valid purpose and for whose pity and compassion is the execution considered inhumane? And what definition makes it possible for a drug that is humane enough to euthanize one animal, a pet, is not humane enough to euthanize another animal, a murderous human being?

Nothing good comes from allowing seriously heinous deeds to be minimized by words shifting meanings.

Dennis Batliner Overland Park Black, gay biases

As an African-American Christian, I am offended by the continual comparison of the homosexual situation with that of African-Americans.

When someone looks at me, it is obvious that I am black or African-American. But unless someone tells me, I don’t know whether anyone is homosexual. Homosexuality is not obvious like skin color.

So please quit comparing homosexuals’ experiences of bias in this country to African-Americans’.

Michael L. Walker Belton Lessons in Bible

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus says, “As you do it to the least of these, you do it also to me.” Missouri legislators somehow seem to be unaware of that verse.

Maybe the pages of their Bibles are stuck together at that part of Matthew. The Bible also has Paul saying in II Thessalonians 3:10, “If any will not work neither shall he eat.”

No need to point out II Thessalonians to our evangelical legislators. It’s already one of their favorite verses.

Dan Allen Richmond, Mo. Atheists are misled

Why do atheists spend their entire lives arguing about the creator, who they swear doesn’t exist? “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”

When an airplane is nosediving, the first thing out of their mouths is, “Oh God!”

Romans 1:20 says everyone knows that there is an “eternal power and Godhead” and “they are without excuse.”

Lynn Collins Tonganoxie Faith in humanity

Just when you start to lose faith in humanity, there comes a shining star of honesty that brightens your day. That shining star for me was Jeronimo Freitas.

My wife and I went to a fitness center recently, and in the process I lost my billfold. We searched feverishly for it but to no avail until my wife checked our front door.

Mr. Freitas had found my billfold in the middle of a busy intersection. My personal effects were scattered in the street.

Not only did he dodge traffic to gather up everything, but he located our home and placed everything at our front door. Words can’t express how thankful we are to Mr. Freitas.

Even though those who stole my billfold took my cash and credit cards, it was a relief to have my driver’s license and other personal items returned. Again, I want to thank Mr. Freitas, who is a real estate agent for Reece and Nichols, for making my day.

Charles Sabin Lee’s Summit