Letters to the Editor

Chewing-gum litter, Christmas, guns in schools

Chewing-gum litter

Letter writers have commented about cigarette-butt litter, but let’s not overlook the nastiness of gum.

Wherever you walk, but especially at the entrance of commercial locations, you probably don’t notice the thousands of black spots on the pavement.

It amazes me that so many people think nothing of spitting out their gum for others to tread on. Businesses spend large amounts of money to clean this mess over and over.

At least cigarette butts, while disgusting, are easily disposed of. Maybe some parents might think to stop their children — or themselves — from carrying on this nasty tradition.

Joan Henges Kansas City Merry Christmas

Several people who received assistance through the Northland Christmas Store this holiday season thanked us for for giving them a merry Christmas. What they don’t realize is that a merry Christmas is what they gave us by allowing us to help.

We hope their new year is bright, too.

Terry Hoppenthaler Parkville Guns in schools

Many schools have started training students on how to react if someone with a gun enters their school and starts shooting. Is this something schools will start seeing on standardized tests, or might it be classified as extracurricular?

David Reinert
Kansas City High-flying KCI

So The Star really thinks I’ll be better off at Kansas City International Airport with more places that charge $2.55 for a small cup of coffee like I got in Terminal B? Really?

Marianne Ronan Albany, Mo. Voice in politics

All the finger-pointing these days is such a waste of time and energy. Doing it at a local or national level results in nothing happening.

Average people wanting to see regulatory change should take the time to contact their government representatives. If this contact fails to satisfy, try voting for someone else.

Blindly following a certain party is proving to yield less than expected these days. Logging on the Internet or email and reading some worthless poem about our loss of the good old days will do nothing, as far as I can tell.

At least letting those in charge know your wishes has a chance, slim though it may be, of affecting some changes. How many of you are trying to make your thoughts known to someone who counts?

Tom Spath Lenexa Medicare benefits

Does the GOP have a clue that Medicare will never become bankrupt. Why?

1. Medicare has low administrative costs.

2. Medicare does not have to provide a profit to investors. Therefore, Medicare has a significant competitive advantage over for-profit insurers.

3. With that competitive advantage, rates can be raised to prevent insolvency and they still are more reasonable than those of for profit insurers.

As a Medicare recipient, I would gladly pay a higher premium, if necessary, that would always be lower than that of private insurers.

Martin Kaynan Olathe KCI parking blues

In the past month, I have dropped off or picked up a loved one from Kansas City International Airport on four occasions. Each time, there has been no parking available at Terminal B.

In the 40 years I’ve been going to KCI, this is an utterly new development. In the past, I’ve parked for a short time to say goodbye to a family member or to meet people upon arrival.

Clearly this “parking lot full” situation is a result of almost all the airlines being crowded into Terminal B while the other two terminals are vacant or underused. I further suspect that this is a strategy to influence users of the airport to become advocates for the proposed new, improved terminal.

To the powers that be, please stop making KCI an unwelcome place.

Scott DeMoss Gladstone Christmas tradition

Thank you for reprinting Bill Vaughan’s “A story of Christmas” (12-21, C8). After reading it every year from 1973 to 2000, I was away from the area for many years and had forgotten it. Finding it this morning brought tears to my eyes. And it’s just as wonderful as I remembered.

Barbara Young Independence Obamacare concerns

We do not know whether any unintended consequences are hidden in the Affordable Care Act. That is because the Democrats were too lazy to read the bill, understand and then consider any ramifications.

That is outstanding leadership and legislation. Our elected officials must do better than this or vacate their positions. Unintended consequences are reason enough to abolish Obamacare.

Obamacare is certainly one reason for this pathetic economic recovery. The savings-and-loan crisis is rife with unintended consequences and the closing of institutions that had survived the Great Depression.

I think Congress could have and should have been able to avoid this sad state of affairs.

Democrats have the biggest share of the blame for the financial meltdown of 2007. This meltdown was not inherited from President George W. Bush by President Barack Obama.

This meltdown started with the Community Reinvestment Act under Democratic President Jimmy Carter. Democratic President Bill Clinton contributed to the meltdown by loosening housing rules and pressuring banks to lend in depressed neighborhoods.

Don Hagstrom Lee’s Summit Revealing Congress

The failure of our members of Congress to work together to accomplish even the most basic of their duties leaves me with this: The blame does not lie with them.

The blame lies with us. Is this really who we are?

Do we detest each other that much?

Richard Schapker Merriam