Letters to the Editor

Obamacare, government, abortion

Sex v. Obamacare

Of all the cases the Supreme Court hears, the morning-after-pill case (Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby) should be among the easiest to decide (11-27, A1, “Religion freedom at crux of case”). The court should strike down Obamacare’s requirement for health-insurance policies to provide coverage for two morning-after abortion-like pills.

Many Americans believe that life begins at conception. Various laws give standing or protections for a fetus.

The question should be: What interests does the government have that should trump the free exercise of religion? The government wants a one-size-fits-all health-care system. Yet, that is not a sufficient reason to require business owners to violate deeply held religious beliefs.

The easy solution is for individuals or the government to create a separate add-on health-care package for abortion pills. It would be rather inexpensive for individuals to obtain this extra coverage or pill. In short, make this medical procedure an option rather than a blanket mandate over religion.

The health-care law should be rewritten to provide more options than the “bronze to platinum” coverage. Amend the law to provide separate riders if additional coverage is requested for other concerns such as expensive in vitro fertilization and sex-enjoyment pills like Viagra.

Jim Dingwerth


Thoreau, government

If Thoreau was right and people get the type of government they deserve, then the American people, generally, are lazy, unimaginative, totally self-serving, myopic, not smart, mean, punitive, uncaring, irrational, extremely selfish malingerers who lack creativity and don’t care about others.

I believe Thoreau was wrong.

Shaun Q. McMahon Westwood Abortion issues

A Nov. 26 letter writer stated that those opposed to abortion should not be ridiculed for not wanting to take the responsibility to care for those “unwanted babies.” She is asserting it’s a commonly held opinion that most abortion opponents have that mindset.

I doubt that is true, because there is a waiting line for those desiring to adopt a baby. A disturbing conclusion is that abortion is good because it eliminates a person who is destined to suffer his or her whole life as an unwanted child.

Suffering can be experienced for many reasons, physical and emotional deficiencies, poverty, not the desired gender and the list goes on. Honestly, should unplanned and unwanted be included in that list?

This kind of thinking is disturbingly similar to a crazy man who desired to craft the perfect human society by eliminating those he viewed as undesirable.

Only a divinely induced change of heart would correct our selfish, self-centered mindset and allow us to see the significance and value of every person, born and unborn.

Chuck Schroeder Kansas City Arresting litter

Why is it that so many smokers think our roads and sidewalks are their ashtrays?

The next time you’re waiting for a stoplight to change, look at the curb. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ugly cigarette butts. Also, there are plenty on the sidewalks in front of retail businesses, and some of them are still smoldering.

How inconsiderate and unsightly.

It’s my understanding that throwing a gum wrapper on the ground is littering. So why isn’t it littering to throw a cigarette on the ground? I think there should be a stiff fine for it, and maybe people would think twice before they did it.

But I doubt it.

Wendell Hahn Liberty Obamacare problems

I have a sincere need to vent my anger over the Affordable Care Act.

I am a patriotic American who has the utmost respect for the office of the president and for all branches of our government. However, I have great difficulty respecting elected representatives who deliberately deceive the American people.

The Affordable Care Act was passed “so that you can see what is in it, ” as Nancy Pelosi said?

It is becoming quite apparent that what it contains are more regulations and restrictions on the personal freedoms of the American people. The progressive people in Washington, D.C., are rapidly eroding the ability of the people from having a voice in their daily lives.

Our government has many duties to perform in keeping the country safe and prosperous. Government has no business telling the people what insurance to buy or from whom to buy it.

The ACA is a sham and a farce, designed and voted on behind closed doors by partisan politicians. Wake up, America, and vote for someone next time who will represent the people in Washington, D.C., instead of the political party lines

Carroll L. Story Lee’s Summit Undoing rape myths

Rape has been in the news, and I am disheartened that my experiences as a rape-crisis counselor in the 1980s are no different now. Rape myths are still believed and strongly upheld on talk radio and in cafes.

They include, “She was drunk,” and “What did she expect? She went to his room.”

Sexual assaults have occurred while persons are under anesthesia or while immobilized by paralysis or fear.

Silence is not consent. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

“No” always means no or a yes means nothing.

Katherine St. John Shawnee Beauty of autumn

To the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department, Kansas City businesses, families like yours and mine and to Mother Nature, too, thank you for planting and tending the beautiful trees, which gave us all such a gorgeous autumn.

Kate Buster Kansas City