Letters to the Editor

Guns, Obamacare, mail for troops

Guns, baseball bats

I tire of analogies offered by gun owners about outlawing guns, even though no such laws have been suggested.

I am astonished when asked why we don’t outlaw cars because of traffic deaths. We do require those who operate vehicles to have driver’s licenses.

How about those who say we don’t outlaw baseball bats because some crazed person has killed with one? When has someone perpetrated a mass killing with a baseball bat? It is ludicrous to equate such.

How does a rational mind compare this to an unstable person with an AR-15 with large-capacity magazine?

A background check is not outlawing guns. The statement infers legal ownership of the gun afterward. Ninety percent of Americans support background checks, including a majority of gun owners.

Allowing a 19-year-old drug dealer to walk into a gun show and walk out with a Tech 9 is crazy.

Ric Rainey Kansas City Voting in Kansas

There is an old saying: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” It brings to mind recent changes in the Kansas voting system.

There has been little or no trouble with the system. Why change it?

One individual wants to include proof of citizenship and a photo identification to prevent nonexistent fraud. The person is anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant and making money pushing the issue.

America is a land of immigrants and a democracy that has established a workable voting system for its citizens. The democracy welcomes new Americans.

We as a society should not allow any person to change a valid system to discriminate against a group of people. This is precisely what will transpire if the voting system is changed.

Years ago it was the blacks; today it’s Latinos. The voting system is not broken.

Ascension Hernandez Shawnee Obamacare faults

Recent findings give us a window to the future with Obamacare that must be brought to light. This is that young, healthy people are not going to use Obamacare because they are all using insurance provided by their jobs.

But for Obamacare to work, it must have these young, healthy people and not a bunch of people with major health problems that will be liabilities. This will eventually cause the government to put these healthy people on its plan.

Well, to do that, it would have to put restrictions on businesses that would force them to drop the insurance they provide, which would obviously damage the economy and would give the unemployed one fewer initiative to get jobs.

Kenneth Rogers Kansas City Mail for troops

As we prepare for the upcoming Christmas mail campaign, Mail for Our Military would like to extend special thanks to the Northland Christian Church of Kansas City for its efforts.

Led by Carole McGuire, Northland Christian Church was the top church in Missouri, with participants also from Pleasant Valley and North Kansas City. Loretta Jarrell, one of Northland Christian’s members, was the leading individual in Missouri.

Cards and letters are received from across the nation, mixed thoroughly before being divided into hundreds of packages and then sent to military units across the U.S. and around the world.

As the continuation of the Vietnam Mail Call project, which was launched in 1965, this mail has been bringing smiles to our men and women in uniform for almost a half-century.

People can receive information and instructions on joining the Mail for Our Military campaign by sending their names and addresses to P.O. Box 100, New Madrid, Mo. 63869. The troops will thank you, and so do we.

Keith Boardman Executive Director Friends of Our Troops New Madrid, Mo. Auto show queen

I have had many reasons for my discontent with the front page of The Kansas City Star, but the decision to juxtapose a frivolous, lengthy story about a day in the life of an auto show queen against the unspeakable tragedy of President Kennedy’s death was one of the worst yet (11-22, A1, “In KC, the show went on”).

Dorothy Stoeger Platte Woods Right-to-work ethics

Many people believe in right to work simply because it sounds good. They think every worker should have the right to refuse to join a union without being fired by his/her employer.

But workers already have the right, by existing state law, not to be fired for refusing to join a union. What, then, does right to work do?

It gives employees union membership, representation, wages, voting privileges and benefits, all without the moral responsibility to pay for them, simply by not paying dues.

Any company would have a great social/moral ethical problem threatening its very existence if people had the “right to use” their product, service or idea without having to pay for it. But such companies have no problem with creating such a moral/social ethical model for their employees to do exactly that when it comes to unions.

Right to work undermines the moral and economic fabric of our society, violates trust between employer and employee, and keeps people believing in a lie that union foes try to fabricate into fact by their repetition and dishonesty.

David E. Hellwege Overland Park Passion for learning

What is the root of all problems in America? I would venture to say it’s ignorance.

It’s a refusal to be open to new ideas, an oblivion to the truth. If we, as a society, would get off our duffs and actually find a passion in learning and educating ourselves, I think a lot of our problems would be eliminated. If they don’t get eliminated, we at least would have many more possible solutions.

We, as a society, need to make a conscious decision to become educated about important issues.

I am a senior in high school, and I am going to invest my time in educating myself so I can make informed decisions when I vote.

I’m tired of people complaining about what our country is turning into. But no one cares enough to do something about it.

Let’s change. Let’s become informed. Let’s be passionate about learning.

Sierra Grimm Olathe Republicans stumble

The GOP is losing its connection with the people of this country. The fiasco of what Republicans refer to as Obamacare shows they have no plan for the citizens of this country.

They want no part of helping. It is all about their party, not the welfare of the people.

They need to get a grip on who put them in office.

Roger Justice Olathe Ill-informed voters

The fact that people know so little about what they are voting for is appalling.

Not only does the average person not know what he is voting for, but he doesn’t know that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same thing.

The ignorance of the general population is alarming and embarrassing. The U.S. population should be more aware of politics and what we are voting for.

David Van Volkenburgh Kansas City Abortion debate

I continue to be amazed at the commonly expressed opinion that anyone who is opposed to abortion is a hypocrite if he is not happily willing to somehow be at least partially responsible for the support of the not-aborted child. This opinion is commonly stated in the media.

I know several people who are burdened by their aged grandparents, but I do not expect to be asked to help support those grandparents if I oppose their being euthanized in order to reduce that burden.

And those people are not even responsible for the existence of their grandparents as the expectant mother and father are for the existence of the fetus (obviously, victims of rape are not responsible in any way whatsoever).

I happen to be in favor of abortion because I think a child who is not wanted will suffer his or her whole life, but those who sincerely believe that the unborn is, indeed, a person should not be ridiculed because they do not happily face the burden of helping support that child once he or she is born.

Kathryn Baker Parkville