Letters to the Editor

Tea party, shopping problems, three U.S. stooges

Tea party antics

Way to go, tea partiers. You have really shown the world fiscal responsibility.

You shut down the federal government for 16 days to prove a point (surely, you had an important one in mind) and then agree to pay back wages to all those workers who didn’t have the opportunity to fulfill their responsibilities during the shutdown. Wow.

You really showed our country and the entire world how to be fiscally responsible. Surely, this tantrum will prove to be the most asinine tactic in our country’s history and one never to be repeated.

Linda Yates
Kansas City Shopping problems

I recently shopped at a local mall and was disappointed I had to leave empty-handed. Being a full-figured woman, I find it nearly impossible to find clothing appropriate for my age and body type.

The women’s sections in Macy’s and Dillard’s have been squeezed into areas the size of a small bedroom while the petite sections are the size of a football field. I see more women that have my body type than are skinny and short.

And shoes? Why are there shoes with six-inch heels but none with one-inch heels?

I can buy shoes to twist an ankle or in a size I last wore in sixth grade, but I can’t find shoes that are stylish and comfortable in my size.

To all buyers for these retail stores, I am a woman still in my prime with stylish taste and money to spend.

I dare you to find clothes and shoes I would actually wear.

Terri C. Hayes Lenexa
Three U.S. stooges

Well, we finally have a comic trio in Washington, D.C., that replaces the ever-popular Three Stooges — the House, the Senate and the White House.

Why are we not laughing?

Their pathetic attempts at governance show an ineptitude that is beyond comprehension. Once again, they have displayed their only expertise.

It’s known as “kicking the can down the road,” and they are already geared up for a repeat performance in a few months.

It’s not the least bit funny, but we put them there.

Will we remember their dysfunction during the next election cycle?

Larry Kauffman Kansas City Real gun problems

The president is beating his gums again on gun control and recently cited the shooting in his hometown of Chicago.

Well, what about the mayor of Chicago, his buddy Rahm Emanuel, doing something about the gangs that were involved?

Guns are not the problem. It’s those who use them in inappropriate ways.

And for shame at all the knee jerks (including the liberal press) who jumped on the Washington Navy Yard tragedy as a new call on banning assault rifles.

The shooter had a shotgun and got pistols from those he shot.

With all the problems we have, how about putting energy into solving the pressing problems?

Bob Burns Blue Springs Size discrimination

Recently, I was summoned to the doctor’s office for a check of my pacemaker.

The valet supplied a very large wheelchair for transport to the test office — one that was sufficient for three persons my size.

The wheelchair would not go through the door where the test equipment was, so I sat in the chair, blocking the door, and the test equipment was brought into the hall.

Are patients to be segregated by “behind size”?

To whom should we protest?

Ed Robertson Leawood Bigotry, Obama

The right wing does not like the president because they do not like a black man in the White House.

Sen. Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner said before President Barack Obama ever took office that they would say no to anything he tried to do.

I was recently involved in a conversation in which a woman insisted that “I just don’t like the president.”

When asked to give some reasons, her answer was “I have my reasons, but I’m not a racist or anything.”

She would never give a concrete reason, let alone one backed by supportable citations. But she had her reasons.

Anyone who thinks that racism and bigotry don’t lie at the heart of the dysfunction in Congress is either in denial or is deeply bigoted without the courage to admit it. Or both.

It really is plain and simple.

Kathryn Moore Manhattan, Kan. Mudslinging morass

As the federal government settles into a morass of mudslinging inactivity, local and state governments are becoming hubs of wild, ideological agendas.

They come into existence through whirlwind legislation either by unilateral decisions of party voting blocs or behind-the-scenes shenanigans without thought of future ramifications.

These laws are often unconstitutional, resulting in prolonged courtroom battles, have deleterious effects upon the basic needs of the local populations and are often attempts to replace the representative government with an oligarchy or special-interest control.

The country, as a whole, is the result of individuals and neighborhoods.

John Nelles Shawnee River’s scenic beauty

I recently returned from a 20-day canoe trip in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Yes, the area some people want to open to oil drilling.

I paddled with a college friend down the Sheenjek River, a National Wild and Scenic River. This is a designation similar to Missouri’s Current and Jacks Fork rivers.

All three are beautiful rivers, but on the Sheenjek I stepped on sand and gravel bars that did not have human footprints, let alone the trash and latrines found on Missouri’s national scenic rivers.

The Sheenjek and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are relatively untouched, an intact ecosystem with all of its parts.

There are still migrating caribou, large predators such as bears and wolves and astounding bird life, many of which are our winter visitors.

Doesn’t wildlife, and don’t we as humans, deserve some place like this?

Shouldn’t there be one place in America left the way God intended it?

Neil Bass Lone Jack Fountain City band

The best-kept secret in Kansas City is the Fountain City Brass Band.

The band, founded in 2002, is a volunteer musical ensemble based here that is committed to cultural enrichment through the presentation of concerts.

It has won five U.S. Open Brass Band Championships and four North American Brass Band Championships.

In November 2009, the band became the first American band ever, and the first non-British band in more than 50 years, to win a major band competition on UK soil at the Scottish Brass Band Championships.

Its home base is MidAmerica Nazarene University.

This is an amazing group. Its next local concert will be at MidAmerica Nazarene University on Dec. 14. It is titled “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

You will be thrilled at the presentation.

Art Pfaff Gladstone Underfunding schools

About 10 school districts have gone to four-day weeks. My question is: Why are educators and politicians trying their best to dumb down our educational system?

The politicians have cut financial aid to education for the last 10 years. We were No. 1 in the world in education; we are now No. 14.

I ran for the Kansas City Public Schools board in 2010.

A friend gave me an article from The Wall Street Journal comparing countries and the amount of time spent in the classroom.

France was one example cited, and that country’s students spent many more hours in classrooms than our students in the U.S., as do most European students.

My daughter-in-law is from South Korea, and her nieces and nephews spend even more time than that in schools, academies and tutoring (for a price).

They understand how important education is to maintaining a democracy and how to strive for achievement of this goal.

We as citizens must elect politicians who understand the problem and will vote to fund education well.

Cutting taxes now will further hamper our goals for our educational system and harm our future scholars.

Robert Peterson Kansas City