Letters to the Editor

Bus safety, media shortcomings, missing Funkhouser

Better bus safety

Last week in Bonner Springs, we saw the frightening reality of what happens when children are unrestrained in school buses (8-22, A1, “A harrowing bus trip, but ‘we were very lucky today’”).

Fortunately the children, who were sent to four hospitals, were able to get treatment.

If the first thing a hospital requires for a newborn child is to go home in a car seat, why can’t we improve bus safety? Is there a big bus lobby out there against something so important as seat belts?

Chip Allison
Independence Media shortcomings

After hearing numerous Obama administration statements over the past few months to the effect that al-Qaida and its allies were essentially kaput, it appears that they have taken control of our diplomatic operations throughout Africa and the Middle East, forcing the closure of more than 20 of our embassies this month along with global travel warnings to American citizens.

This follows the attempted cover-ups of the “phony scandals” (President Barack Obama’s term) of Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service threat to right-wing organizations, unemployment and the deteriorating state of the economy.

We have heard little from the mainstream media to inform or advise us of this situation or suggest any possible remedies to correct it.

William H. Finnegan Independence Missing Funkhouser

I ran over a metal plate in the street the other day, and it almost knocked out my upper teeth. Bring back the Funk.

Rick Dostal
Kansas City Missouri tax cuts

I hope no one is taking Rex Sinquefield’s TV ads seriously (Grow Missouri). Will someone please explain to me how you can “stop spending and start growing”?

The only way you can grow is to spend money.

Sinquefield and the Koch brothers and their ilk need to butt out. Money is not speech.

Diane Capps Kansas City Gun registration

I find it so frustrating reading many opinions on gun control by people who seem to have the monkey-see-monkey-do complex.

They write the same concepts that others have posted before, saying that gun owners should be required to have their guns controlled like their cars with registration, insurance and a test to prove they are competent.

Comments have also been made about the senators who did not follow President Barack Obama’s dictate for new gun controls. They are labeled as spineless and only thinking of the 2014 election.

During the voting on Obama’s gun-control bill, many senators commented that the bill would only do harm to the law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to control the real problem of gangbangers, drug dealers, felons and the mentally ill being responsible for most of the killings.

You must remember that registration of guns by make and serial number may lead to confiscation later by the government.

Obama’s bill required that all guns be registered as part of the new background checks that he proposed. We do not need registration of firearms like autos.

William Laskey Independence Johnson County KCI

The powers that be in Kansas City and at The Star are pushing all out for a brand-new single terminal at Kansas City International at the bargain price of $1.2 billion. Let’s go a step further, throw another billion or two at this project and just move the entire airport.

After all, having an airport halfway to Nebraska has never made much sense. Let’s build the new terminal in eastern Jackson County or in Johnson County, where the population growth has really happened the last 50 years, and make it more convenient for everybody.

That way we can stand in the one long security line but get there so much faster. And maybe, just maybe, hundreds of new businesses will spring up around the new airport and create an economic boom, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Too bad about all the present airport businesses — you’d just be collateral damage. Surely the old runways would be a neat place for race cars to practice or something.

Yes, a new airport makes as much sense as a new building.

Preston Smith Blue Springs Silencing opposition

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder won’t be fired or resign because he is invaluable to President Barack Obama’s plans for the future of America. Holder can be counted on to do the bidding of Obama without question.

Throughout history it has been impossible for leaders like Obama to operate without functionaries like Eric Holder. Like so many on the left, Holder’s allegiance is not to the Constitution but to Obama’s political philosophy that benevolently masquerades behind the iron fists of agencies like the Internal Revenue Service.

With disregard for the law, this administration has shown a willingness to use government agencies in an attempt to silence its political opponents.

Gregory H. Bontrager Hutchinson, Kan. Soccer mystery

Watching a soccer game is the biggest waste of time I have ever experienced in my 82 years on this planet. It’s worse than watching weeds grow or paint dry.

What there is about that game that causes people to riot and attack referees and other spectators is beyond me.

Richard W. Dahms Country Club, Mo. U.S. ‘Animal Farm’

I have read that sales of the book “1984” have picked up because of the National Security Agency and the government’s collection of phone and Internet data.

However, if people really want to understand what is happening in government today, they should read “Animal Farm” instead.

Ronald Shipley Kansas City, Kan. Golden Rule banks

Those of you who are familiar with the origination of the Federal Reserve system in 1913 at the meeting at Jekyll Island of top bankers can better understand the current situation.

My deposits pay almost zero interest, but when I borrowed money the rate was 8 to 9 percent. Now you can see why the banks are making so much money.

They pay nothing for their inventory of monies but get extremely fat on the profits to loan it out. They are having a sweet difficulty that only the gold-plated loans will be made so their “retained earnings” will grow to proportions where the Internal Revenue Service steps in for its share of these obscene profits.

The Golden Rule persists. Those who have the gold make the rules.

Don Airington Kansas City T-shirt storytelling

On a recent weekend, I bought a couple of inexpensive T-shirts for my wife and me with the U.S. flag emblem on the front. When I got home, I saw that they were made in Nicaragua.

It seems as if the past, present and future all converged to create this simple product. Old Glory made in Latin America by a company named Faded Glory.

How ironic, symbolic and sad.

Thomas J. Moran Belton Boxtops help kids

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the hundreds of wonderful, caring angels in the Kansas City area who have been supporting my high-poverty elementary school students.

The donations of your Boxtops for Education labels gave us the means to provide our beautiful students with what they needed for another productive and happy year.

We collected and processed nearly $3,000. That bought many needed supplies, classroom equipment items and even some fun stuff for recess.

You have made a positive impact in my 350 grandkids’ lives and made a pathway into their hearts. They know there are people, some of whom they’ve never met, who care.

Of course, I will be continuing at Stanley beginning my fifth year as the volunteer “school grandpa.” I respectfully and lovingly ask for your continued support by sending your Boxtops for Education labels to Grandpa Tim, Stanley Elementary School, 1749 S. Martinson, Wichita, Kan. 67213.

Your efforts are definitely changing lives for the better and are greatly appreciated.

Tim Aben Derby, Kan.