Letters to the Editor

Republican convention in KC, tuition increases, Caleb Stegall

GOP convention

Kansas City does not need nor should any sane person want the 2016 Republican National Convention to come to Kansas City (8-21, A1, “Return engagement?”).

The aristocrats and capitalist elite are not welcome here.

No good can come from allowing this rabble to generate excess trash to pollute our landfills. If the Republicans come to town, surely Beelzebub will reign for the duration and Sprint Center will be his temple.

Robert Gibson
Kansas City Tuition increases

I recently attended orientation at the University of Kansas.

My son is a freshman, an exciting time in his life, and I am thrilled for his educational journey to continue at a university so rich in history and academic excellence.

I attended the financial-aid session, and the presenter was correct in telling us that education is expensive but ignorance is even more costly.

This would have been the perfect opportunity to discuss the recent, dramatic increase in tuition and how it came to be. It could have gone something like: Parents, the conservatives in the Kansas Legislature slashed funding for higher education, and Gov. Sam Brownback signed those cuts into law, directly generating that tuition increase.

I understand the university is increasing tuition to maintain standards and quality, but I hope university officials take the opportunity to educate future students and parents attending orientation on what to expect, and more important, why it happened.

Kathy Cook Shawnee Brownback’s judge

The bone of contention is not whether Caleb Stegall was qualified or that he was appointed to the position (8-23, Letters), it is the fact that Gov. Sam Brownback finagled the process to give himself the ability to appoint the appeals court judge rather than to have the position elected by the voters.

Don Rinck Sr. Mission Crying over guns

I cried as I read of three teenagers in Duncan, Okla., reportedly involved in killing a young man. I cried for their families whose lives have been unalterably changed, ruined forever. I cried for the senselessness of this heinous act.

I cried as I read of a 20-year-old man-child at an elementary school in Georgia armed with an assault-style rifle, a second weapon and 500 rounds of ammo. Diagnosed with bipolar/ADD at 13, he was placed on three months’ probation for similar charges earlier this year.

His brother said, “My brother fell through the cracks.” Not cracks, gaping holes — in our gun laws, our justice system, our mental health laws and particularly in our lobby-driven Congress.

However, the biggest gaping hole is apathy. Our apathy.

It is up to us, you know. We cannot afford to sit idle any longer.

Write, call, email your federal and state congressmen. Write a letter to the editor.

Talk about these cases with your friends and family. Don’t wait until after you play a round of golf, visit the nail spa or do your yard work.

Do it now, before one of us sees our weeping family’s picture in the paper.

Cynthia Fisher Independence Rainbow flag

I was appalled to see the cover of the Preview section on Aug. 22, with an American flag in the background with the stripes colored like the rainbow symbol of the gay and lesbian community.

It’s bad enough that we have to be politically correct in accepting this choice of lifestyle, but I don’t and won’t accept these people bringing our symbol of this great country into their color scheme.

We are headed for a real serious problem when we become too accepting of others’ opinions, right or wrong. The Bible says that in the last days, good will be bad and bad will be good.

So there we go.

Richard Gorrell Grain Valley Immigration reform

Steve Rose is excellent when writing about Krazy Kris Kobach. However, his solution of permanent residency for undocumented immigrants is flawed.

It does not provide for citizenship with the inherent right to vote in an American democracy. A possible solution for the immigration debate: Fix the administrative unit of the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Then applicants who wish to enter the U.S., can do so.

The Mexico-U.S. border is too long (more than 1,000 miles) to secure, no matter how much technology or border patrolmen are used.

Building a border fence is useless. It will only enrich and reward the contractors with political ties. The new border fence will probably produce the top three finishers (Mexicans) in the pole vault in the next Olympic Games.

Let’s get real. The agricultural and construction industries, among others, are exploiting the immigrants’ labor.

The logical tradeoff is a pathway to citizenship, not standing on the sidelines with a green card.

Ascension Hernandez Shawnee Beautifying highways

How sad I am about the loss of trees and shrubs along Bruce R. Watkins Drive. Of course, no one could have forecast the extensive drought of 2012, but the harsh conditions of the planting environment and the plantings for the All-Star Game exacerbated the problem.

It sounds as if the learning curve of the last few years led to the loss of thousands of dollars in plant life and workers’ time. There are county extension agents on both sides of the state line who could have offered free advice about plants and maintenance.

Missouri and Kansas native plants and trees should be given consideration for replanting in this Zone 6 environment.

The Parks Department and the Missouri Department of Transportation should consider putting their employees through the Master Gardener program. It is a valuable program that provides information and training based on proven research specific to the local climate, soils and plants and could benefit all parties.

It is admirable to embellish our roadways, but a dash of Mother Nature’s reality should be thrown into future plans.

Mary Ethington Independence Stranger’s kindness

My husband and I are 12-year residents of Independence but are originally from St. Louis. It was proved to us that kindness is alive and well.

We had the good fortune to attend a Kansas City Royals and Cardinals game. The weather forecast was sunny and mild, and we dressed appropriately.

However, when we arrived for the game, it turned cool and cloudy and drizzly. Needless to say, I was cold.

A perfect stranger, a young man sitting next to me, gave me his jacket to cover my legs. I have no idea who he was, but I hope he sees this letter.

Kindness does exist.

P.S. The Cards won.

Penny Romano Independence Global warming?

I find it interesting that the proponents of the climate-change theory first called it global warming and then when temperatures didn’t seem more warm, they changed the name overnight to climate change.

So, the climate is shifting, as it has done over and over during the existence of the planet Earth.

What makes folks think that we humans caused it? Proof, please.

Amy Brown Leawood Obey traffic laws

I wish someone could explain to me why Missourians drive so fast.

I was raised in Kansas and know that people who exceed the speed limit get tickets. But not so much in Missouri.

I have never seen such speed demonstrated anywhere.

Everyone, it seems, has a lead foot, and it is no wonder to me that so many people are killed in Missouri from traffic accidents. Any highway I have been on, driving or as a passenger, has drivers that exceed the speed limit by at least 5 to 10 mph.

That seems to be the rule. I drive the speed limit, and people pass me regularly going way faster than necessary. And they seem to do it with a vengeance.

Do people in Missouri need more law enforcement or driver’s education or what?

People, please slow down. Drink less caffeine and more water.

Cynthia Taylor Lone Jack