Letters to the Editor

Reducing Medicaid, Missouri State Fair, middle class woes

Reducing Medicaid

It amazes me when people are surprised that Republicans vote against social programs. I knew that Gov. Sam Brownback would do anything to minimize the Medicaid footprint in Kansas.

Bert Winchester Plattsburg, Mo. Violence, not humor

The Aug. 15 front-page article, “Every White House faces humor at its expense,” missed the point as to what made the rodeo clown’s behavior at the Missouri State Fair so offensive. He wasn’t just mean; he was menacing.

It’s one thing to poke fun at presidents and other public figures; it’s quite another to promote violence toward them. That’s the kind of behavior that gets you put on law-enforcement watch lists, and rightfully so.

Greg Hunt Olathe Time stands still

In 1962, my family visited relatives in Texas and went to the Belton, Texas, championship rodeo. In the bull-riding event, all the darker bulls were given names of civil rights figures of the time.

The announcers played it up, and the crowd laughed it up.

Now this incident at the Missouri State Fair rodeo (8-14, A1, “Supporters defend skit mocking Obama”) brings that memory back and tells us that although many laws have changed in the last 50 years, a lot of hearts and minds have not.

John Perney
Grandview Professional courtesy

An Aug. 13 letter noted that no rodeo clown ever ridiculed George W. Bush. There’s a simple enough explanation for that: professional courtesy.

Ed Alderman Overland Park Smeared reputation

Missouri really is getting to be the “show the country” state — show the rest of the country how ignorant and racist people can be (8-12, A4, “Anti-Obama stunt rebuked”).

The Missouri State Fair is supposed to be a family affair, a place to enjoy our great state and have some family fun time.

The rodeo last weekend changed that.

This wasn’t family fun, and it sure didn’t teach children a good lesson.

This little rodeo skit was a disgraceful show of disrespect for the president of the United States. Like him or not, Obama was elected twice and deserves the respect given to all presidents.

The rodeo clown should star in his own Honey Boo Boo type reality show. He could have our other Missouri clowns, such as Todd Akin and Rush Limbaugh, make guest appearances.

Karen Zentz Raymore Shrinking middle class

Unless the Republican Party can swing some blue-state support, people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are all we are going to get.

So why is “R” the crimson letter in blue states?

Effect: Taxes for the wealthiest 2 percent are cut, and instead of their contributions shrinking as a percentage of federal revenue they grew. The cause that explains the effect: The middle class and their contributions shrank, and the rich grew richer to counterbalance the tax cuts.

On “Real Time,” Steve Moore brings up the result of tax cuts then contradicts his own evidence and the opinions of fellow economists like Robert Reich and Paul Krugman by claiming the middle class saw great growth between 1980 and 2007.

This is not about a difference of opinion. It’s Steve Moore shooting down his own claim and conservative columnists like Steve Rose celebrating that 18,500 middle-class employees for Hostess lost their jobs and were replaced by a smaller number of lower-paid workers.

There you have moderate Republicans denying that the middle class is shrinking along with a celebration of the issue being denied.

Theodore J. Sturgeon Olathe Corrupting power

I believe most people believe the statement “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I also believe, as do I think most people, that money and power are basically the same thing and that money has the power to corrupt.

More and more people believe that the government is corrupt and getting more corrupt. Yet many people also seem to believe that we should give more money (higher taxes) and more power (more authority to regulate) to our government.

Isn’t this a little like drowning a fire with gasoline? I think most people believe there is too much money in our election process, and yet many of these same people fail to see that there is far too much money (and therefore power) in the hands of government (taxes).

George Dechow Grandview Immigration reform

The media and pundits often quote the 11 million number in the immigration reform (amnesty) debate. The U.S. cannot provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

We also cannot continue to support so many through taxpayer benefits. If we can put a man on the moon, we can systematically return most of the illegal immigrants to their home countries, where they can use their U.S. taxpayer-funded educations to make things better.

Just because a person jumped the line does not entitle him to automatic legalization. Others are waiting patiently and playing by the rules to come here, and the illegal immigrants can do the same.

The U.S. does not have enough resources to absorb all the people who want to come here. Favoritism for illegal immigrants should not exist over the legal citizens.

Let’s stop the madness.

Joyce Carter Kansas City Paying for college

Europeans base access to higher education on ability rather than wealth.

Those who do best as they progress through the educational system are allowed to continue to the highest levels. Those with less aptitude or motivation continue on a more vocational track.

A well-educated population is an investment worth paying for and provides the greatest benefit for the nation.

Those who are willing and have the ability to work through the academic discipline and achieve the benefits of college degrees should earn them through rigorous study. They should not be burdened with a load of debt.

That cost should be borne collectively by the nation that benefits from the contributions of those graduates.

Roy Busdiecker Overland Park KCI must change

Opponents of the plan for a single terminal at Kansas City International Airport may well succeed in killing the plan. But they will still lose the battle.

Terminal A is closing, and it is inevitable that another terminal will close if the airport is not upgraded. The difference is that it will be an old, underused airport instead of a busy, vibrant one.

Gary Dein Blue Springs First-grader, guns

I read with anger and astonishment about the new Missouri law that encourages the teaching of gun-safety courses to first-graders. Why would people approve of this?

Children that age do not even have a sense of their own mortality. Imagine what the parents will have to deal with accepting this dangerous decision.

This is definitely the worst idea the National Rifle Association has come up with to date. I do not approve of it.

Ro Taber Leawood Fading U.S. image

In a world where millions are dying of starvation and we are unable to pay for current, let alone, future health-care costs, the United States celebrates competitive eating.

This is a sport? How many processed hot dogs we can stuff in our mouths in a short period of time?

And we wonder why so many people think ill of us?

Beth Ciperson Kansas City Help from stranger

When exiting Starlight Theatre on a recent Saturday night, I became light-headed and felt as if I might fall in spite of having a cane. A gentleman behind me, sensing my problem, came forward, took my arm and escorted me to a safe place, where I could proceed alone.

I neither saw his face nor learned his name. But I am eternally grateful for his caring and kindness.

Patricia Marshall Kansas City