Letters to the Editor

Global warming, Missouri State Fair, KCI plan

Global warming hoax

It has been dry this summer, but hasn’t the recent rain been great? It must be global warming, and it’s George Bush’s fault.

Wow, hasn’t the cool weather recently been great? And temperatures have been below normal all summer, with not one day over 100. It must be global warming, and it’s Bush’s fault.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecast a big jump in hurricanes this year but recently dropped the forecast because there has been none so far. It must be global warming, and it’s Bush’s fault.

Earthquakes are down over the past two years. It must be global warming, and it’s Bush’s fault.

Have you noticed the days getting shorter over the past couple of weeks? The sun is rising later and setting earlier. It has to be global warming, and it’s George Bush’s fault.

George Ferguson Blue Springs Not fair at state fair

You can make with the jokes,

And no one will snub ya

When it comes to the bumbling

Of our last president, Dubya.

And, yes, you had fun

And laughed yourself silly

O’er the Oval Office antics

Of that rascal, Slick Willy.

But be warned, my friend,

Make no diorama,

Which tends to poke fun,

At His Eminence, Obama!

Bruce Erickson Lee’s Summit Muddled Congress

An Aug. 4 article in The Star, “Congress goes on vacation after 7 turbulent months,”

detailed the largely trivial accomplishments of the 113th Congress — an utterly self-serving, disingenuous body that has gotten almost nothing done except to avoid meltdowns, name things and take long breaks.

What the article did not appear to mention was the lawmakers’ crowning achievement: making sure they would not be inconvenienced by long lines at the airport.

They have spent months playing with paper hats and swords and throwing imaginary darts at nonexistent targets, and now they’re taking a break?

A circus of fleas could do a better job. And fleas would be a lot more entertaining.

Clyde Waltermate Raytown Traditional marriage

True marriage — that between one man and one woman — is the preeminent and the most fundamental of all human social institutions. It is a relationship defined by nature and protected by the natural law that binds all men and women.

It finds its foundation in the order of creation. Civil institutions do not create marriage, nor can they create a right to marry for those who are incapable of marriage.

Marriage was established by the creator with its own nature, essential properties and purpose that include procreation and the upbringing of new human lives.

Sadly, marriage has been reduced to another commodity in our culture.

In an age when children can be manufactured and grown in the body of a surrogate when the parents want — while millions are being aborted because they are not wanted — “civil rights” are being manufactured by the agencies of the civil government. They are multiplying while real rights, fundamental human rights that have been endowed upon us by God, are being taken away, one after another.

Sam Wright Kansas City Greed in Congress

If every citizen were to start a multibillion-dollar fund to relieve our national debt, our self-serving representatives would be most happy to start dropping their IOUs into each fund to feather their own pet pork projects.

Our almost-empty Social Security funds are loaded with IOUs from Congress members.

Our congressmen and congresswomen don’t live in our realm. They have their own world, and we, the people, must live under their thumbs like the poor working class who once lived in kingdoms in fear for life and family.

Charles Braughton Liberty Wasteful KCI plan

The idea of a one-terminal Kansas City International Airport is as boneheaded as the two-mile downtown rail line.

Our airport is not a hub for domestic, much less international, airlines, which might merit a single-terminal idea.

No, we are not confused or misinformed; we are realists.

A city that does not have the billions of dollars needed to upgrade our sewer and water systems, pave our streets, fix our sidewalks and protect our citizens, and cannot even educate our children, has no business daydreaming about an unneeded new airport.

This foolish number of $1.2 billion-plus to build the new airport is just a trial balloon.

This project will at least double if not triple in price, and with ridership and operations declining at KCI, the poor taxpayer will be left holding the bond bag.

Aside from this absurd idea at this time, there is a question of morality.

Our country is broke. We are spending money as if the rest of the world were going to continue buying our bonds forever.

Sooner or later, the pied piper is going to come to collect.

Ricci Ballesteros Kansas City Cooling, heating

In a climate-change quiz, a question was posed: “If humans are causing the current heating cycle, then who caused all the others (heating and cooling cycles)?” The question should be what rather than who.

Changes in the Earth’s orbit are the major causes of cyclic climatic changes. Long-term orbital cycles change the time of year when the Earth is closest to the sun, the tilt of the rotational axis and the shape of the Earth’s orbit.

The result has been a series of alternating cooling (glacial) and heating (interglacial) periods, each glacial-interglacial pair lasting about 90,000 years. The transition from glacial to interglacial or vice versa occurs over a minimum of several thousand years.

The last glacial period peaked 21,000 years ago, and the Earth was about seven degrees Fahrenheit cooler than at the beginning of the 20th century. The overall warming over 209 centuries amounts to an average rate of 0.03 degrees Fahrenheit per century.

The Earth has warmed about 1.0 degree Fahrenheit in the 20th century, a rate that is 30 times the natural rate mentioned above.

John R. Ratzlaff Merriam Cheer GOP in House

Instead of bashing the Republicans in the House, we should commend them for taking a stand on serious immigration reform. The Senate’s bill was just another massive piece of legislation to Obamacare-ize immigration reform.

It should not be this country’s duty to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants when other people are seeking citizenship by the legal process. We have the right to a sovereign border.

Should we not focus our attention toward our millions of unemployed citizens? If the House would pass the Senate bill, it would open the door to 20 million illegal immigrants and still not guarantee that our borders would be secure.

Totally aside from an immigration bill, this country’s primary focus should be securing our border not only against illegal immigration but for the security of our citizens.

When a terrorist states that someone with 40 pounds of anthrax could come across our border and kill more than 300,000 Americans and make 9/11 seem like a walk in the park, shouldn’t we take this kind of rhetoric seriously?

Are we waiting for something like this to happen before we get serious about securing our border?

Scot Ewing Blue Springs Animal, human fate

In July, we had Thomas Newhouse drowning his fiancee’s cat. Next, someone shoots and kills poor, defenseless Ella in the Elmwood Cemetery (8-6, A1, “City mourns loss of Elmwood Cemetery deer”).

And finally, we hear that someone has shot a misplaced alligator through the snout (8-8, A4, “Wounded Kansas gator is a mystery”).

To all of you animal abusers in the Kansas City area, I remind you of Ecclesiastes 3:19, which says:

“For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing that befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above the beast.”

Linda Smith Kansas City