Letters to the Editor

Obama scandals, fixing government, Anthony Weiner

Obama woes

Scandals abound. We are having a record slow recovery from the recession; record-setting problems in the military with suicides, unprosecuted rapes and unprocessed applications for disabilities; the Benghazi cover-up; wiretapping reporters’ telephones; political favoritism by the Internal Revenue Service; mounting civilian casualties in Syria; and the Obama administration’s position of leading from behind.

Anyone wanting to talk about President Barack Obama’s ability to manage the government will have a very short conversation.

Mel Kirk Overland Park
Fixing government

It seems giant corporations have taken control of governments around the world. Everyone should be able to see it after the bankruptcies, foreclosures, job losses and wars.

With the help of lawmakers, the big-money people control health care, utilities, air waves, fuel prices and everything else. No wonder citizens around the world are upset.

People must have more say in what their governments and justice systems are doing. We can’t afford to allow money to destroy our world.

How can we fix this? We all need to have a job and a life, and war is not the answer.

It’s time for the people to spy on their government and turn the tables on politicians.

William Leroy Elwood Osceola, Mo. Weiner, Obama

Anthony Weiner and his campaign for mayor of New York City and President Barack Obama’s campaign selling Obamacare have some similarities.

Weiner has continued to vie for the mayor’s office against the advice of even his closest supporters and party officials as though all he has admitted to had never occurred.

Obama continues to campaign for Obamacare even though evidence against “savings” is being presented daily.

The latest in that concept is the revelation by a group that wants no part of Obamacare. Giving permission to certain groups to be excused from Obamacare may eventually be a constitutional challenge.

The campaigns differ in one respect.

Weiner subsidizes his with a stash of money left over from previous fundraisers. The cost of Obama’s trips around the country is significant, but why worry? It’s paid by taxpayers.

Maynard J. Mitchell Independence Steve Rose column

I completely disagree with Steve Rose’s Aug. 4 commentary, “Abolish KC school district to improve education.”

Attending Kansas City schools in the 1940s and 1950s and graduating from Northeast High School in 1959 was the foundation of my future life accomplishments.

Garfield Elementary was two blocks from home, and I took public transportation to Northeast Junior High School and Northeast High School.

I am a board member of the Northeast Alumni Association. We help all students with their school activities, awarding several scholarships at the awards night. Our Alumni Room encourages students with alumni achievements. It is open to the public.

Northeast High was carpeted, painted and air conditioned this summer. Northeast will be 100 years old in 2014.

Please encourage the Kansas City Public Schools and state educators to work together and research ideas to improve the district.

So many ethnic groups are trying to mend and mix into the district. Please don’t confuse students any further by busing them into surrounding school districts. The outcome would not be successful.

Fana Vogelbaugh Kansas City American shame

Shame on you, America. Shame on you for allowing justice to be held hostage, bound and gagged like Bobby Seale sitting in that Chicago courtroom.

Shame on you for deluding yourselves into believing that our society is post-racial because we have an African-American president and African-American mayors.

Shame on you for closing your eyes to the truth because it’s too frightening and too close to home for comfort.

Shame on you for sitting back while our rights are being whittled away in the name of national security.

Shame on you for tolerating women’s health issues being determined by a handful of men.

Shame on you for your blindness, your deafness, your muteness and your complacency.

Lady Liberty cries, and we don’t hear her.

We don’t see her pain because her pain is too deep, and it belongs to all of us. You’ve reopened Pandora’s box and whatever horrors come your way, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Shame on you, America, shame on you.

Rosemarie Woods Kansas City Ban nuclear power

President Barack Obama will use his executive powers to close the wrong power plants. Instead of closing coal plants, he should close the nuclear power plants.

Former Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner Gregory Jaczko said all 104 nuclear power reactors in the U.S. have safety problems that cannot be fixed and they should be phased out instead of extending their lives.

It would be well worth the higher utility bills to do what Jaczko recommends after the dangers of nuclear power have been plainly demonstrated at Chernobyl and Fukushima, with thousands of dead and sick and costs that can’t be estimated.

Besides, if the president really took the threat of global warming seriously, he would shut down the giant NSA computer complex that probably uses as much electricity as a small city.

Michael Stone Leawood Constitutional bond

Letter writers frequently challenge the need for the Second Amendment, saying it is outdated and antiquated.

Think for a moment. What would have happened if the Obama administration got traction on gun control on top of the Internal Revenue Service auditing conservative political organizations and the Justice Department seizing phone and email records of journalists who are not in lockstep with the policies and practices of the current administration?

One of the many great things about this country is our system of checks and balances. The greatest check to an overreaching government is the firearms in the hands of millions of Americans.

While we mourn and remember the senseless killings in such places as Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., and work diligently but at the same time legally to prevent future senseless acts, let’s also remember the hundreds of thousands of Americans who loved liberty more than life and the millions who put their lives on hold to protect us.

Also, Mr. President, in your oath of office you have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, not challenge, dismantle and re-write it to fit your own agenda.

Chet Winans Smithville