Letters to the Editor

Obama and Truman, George Zimmerman, President Barack Obama

Obama like Truman

Say what you will of our president, but he’s definitely closer to the fair deal of Harry Truman than his opponents.

Truman’s policies were intended to offer opportunities for workers, farmers and small businessmen to obtain their fair share of the national income.

He was a defender of the middle class as the backbone of our democracy. And keeping a tax cut in a time of two wars as President George Bush did would make no sense to Truman. In fact, he got Congress to raise tax rates after the 1950 election to help pay for the Korean War, and the result was a small surplus after one year of that war. What a contrast to today.

Truman also said that when tax relief can be given, it should go to those who need it most and not to those who need it least. In short, tax rates should be based on ability to pay.

These ideas are similar to what President Obama has tried to implement, but he has faced a do-nothing House similar to what Truman encountered with the “do-nothing, good-for-nothing” 80th Congress.

Niel Johnson Independence Family’s concern

I am alarmed. I am frightened. I am a woman of color with four sons.

As the trial of George Zimmerman in the slaying of Trayvon Martin progressed, I hoped for clarity and justice — that finally there would be hope for young men of color to walk when they wanted, where they wanted and dress in clothing of their choice.

“The talk” was again an after-dinner conversation piece. “You are a young man who is not white. You must walk carefully, dress appropriately and concede, not confront.”

My husband and I are both professionals, and our sons have either graduated from a university or are pursuing higher education. We encourage them to seek positions of power and influence so their view can be heard.

Linda Badami Kansas City
Portland vs. KC

In a July 13 Midwest Voices column, “Portland’s success can be a model,”

the writer touts the mass-transit system in Portland, Ore., vs. the lack of it in Kansas City. The writer says the populations are similar, so mass transit should work about equally well in Kansas City.

He leaves out at least two important factors — population density and gross freeway mileage.

Portland, with about 133.43 square miles, is less than half the size of Kansas City, which has about 314.95 square miles. Therefore, Portland’s population density is more than twice that of Kansas City’s.

Also, Kansas City leads the nation in freeway miles per capita. Portland ranks among major cities with the fewest freeway miles per capita.

I have driven hundreds of times from Raymore to 151st Street and Metcalf Avenue, a distance of 17 miles, during rush hour in about 30 minutes without encountering any traffic problems. Mass public transit for this area might sound good until additional facts are presented.

Dana Fogt Raymore Obama misstatements

Over the past four years or so, President Barack Obama has said and done things that have caused me to shake my head in disbelief. I have been offended, and sometimes I just had to laugh.

Recently, however, he hit a new low. Obama was giving a speech at a Planned Parenthood gathering, and he told those in attendance that it’s all about women’s health and that they are doing such a great service to women and families across the country.

He never used the term abortion. I guess that is another word or phrase he refuses to use, like terrorist, radical Islamists and “I was wrong” or “it was my fault, don’t blame George Bush.” However, as he was leaving the podium, he turned to the audience and said, “God bless Planned Parenthood.”

I could not believe he called upon the God I serve, the creator of the universe, to bless an organization whose primary function is to destroy his creations. Shame on you, Mr. President.

I just pray that someday we will see the error of our ways and the madness will end.

Stan Atkins Raytown Zimmerman trial

How interesting that people demonstrate against the George Zimmerman verdict. All we know of the evidence is what we have read or heard through the media.

We have not seen or heard all the evidence, much less examined it with care. Yet with our sound-bite knowledge, we are sure the jury got the verdict wrong.

Why do we think we know better than it does?

Albert Bean Kansas City Baseball, English

Please tell the Kansas City Royals to ditch Rex Hudler. A first-class organization should not tolerate a person up front who cannot use proper English.

If I hear him say, “He shoulda went,” one more time, I’ll have to give up on the Royals ever putting a first-class baseball team on the field.

George W. Franklin Prairie Village Wal-Mart jobs

If Wal-Mart offers jobs with low wages, no benefits and fewer than 40 hours a week, why does anyone accept them?

It is because this retailer hires individuals who have difficulty getting jobs elsewhere. In this way, Wal-Mart does the community a great service.

Those unhappy with their jobs are free to seek one elsewhere.

Amy Brown Leawood Think before war

This could be the beginning of the end of the best country in the world. President Barack Obama says we will arm the rebels in Syria.

Just one word describes this: stupid.

Obama says President George W. Bush and the Republicans were responsible for the war in Iraq. Remember the weapons of mass destruction?

It seems a man named Ahmed Chalabi convinced Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and others of the weapons. Why? Chalabi wanted to be the head of the Iraqi government.

Our country’s leaders admit they are not sure who the rebels in Syria represent or what they intend to do if they take over the country. Atrocities have been committed by both sides in Syria.

Once again, we are being put in another war. Yes, a war.

Stop the stupidity. We are committing to war just like other men who were labeled warmongers.

Duane Hubble Riverside Obama malfunction

Several weeks ago, I saw where our government was using drones to kill American citizens who were al-Qaida leaders.

Now the Obama administration has agreed to send arms and money to the Syrian rebels, who per news reports may include people who are not friendly to the U.S.

Where is the consistency and common sense in our government’s decisions? Also, if the rebels win, will that not mean that U.S. opponents will have the deadly gases Syria has?

They could use them on us and Israel. We need more intelligent people in Washington.

Dennis Tabel Overland Park Fighting bigotry

I am a 36-year-old single female who has spina bifida. I am first and foremost a person — a person just like anyone else.

I think it is shameful the way society treats us as subhuman, less deserving of the attention everyone else gets when writing to the newspaper or to news stations.

Last year, I experienced what I felt was discrimination at the Kansas City taping of “The X Factor.” None of the newspapers or television stations would return my calls, and only one station responded to my emails. Attempts to speak with “The X Factor” on the phone to reach a satisfactory end have been futile.

All the show’s spokesperson would say was: “I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. I hope you come back next year and have a better experience.”

I have experienced other instances of discrimination at other establishments such as restaurants. I have been told recently by well-meaning friends and family members to “give up” and “pick your battles.”

But when has fighting against social injustice become a “battle” unworthy of a fight? I don’t have a good answer, unfortunately.

Jeanne Knapp Blue Springs