Letters to the Editor

IRS, Flint Hills symphony, priest case

IRS gross excess

The General Services Administration built the Internal Revenue Service a state-of-the-art home on Pershing Road. Everything cited in The Kansas City Star article is available in the building for training, except liquor (7-11, A1, “Meetings for IRS workers examined”).

Why the hotels?

The government has a per-day amount of money employees can spend. Did those attending subtract this amount from the “average per employee” and report that difference on their tax returns for the year incurred?

Will they be audited for this omission? Will penalties and interest be applied?

The public has no need to know, they might say.

What happened to transparency?

We may never know. One rule for the IRS and another for Jill and Joe Lunchbucket.

It doesn’t seem fair.

Well, this letter will generate an audit for sure.

Richard T. Cannon Jr. Prairie Village Striking symphony

Historic Fort Riley put its colors on full display recently for the annual Symphony in the Flint Hills.

The venue was unlike the rolling prairie of years past, and a few folks grumbled. But then they crowded around fascinating displays of horsemanship by the cavalry’s mounted guard, learned about Buffalo Soldiers and toured 19th century limestone architecture.

The Kansas City Symphony’s entire concert kept us rapt.

I wished the selection from Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” would never end.

Swallows flitted above in the evening sky, and the music carried us along till the last of daylight.

It was different from years past. I learned about the old fort, but I did miss the big prairie and the ranching culture that Flint Hills families so graciously share each year in this mid-June event.

A rise in the Flint Hills was visible behind the fort’s historic buildings, so we knew they were there, beckoning us back for next year.

Sarah Kessinger Editor The Marysville Advocate Marysville, Kan. Aid U.S. citizens

The Obama administration wants to find a way to avoid labeling the overthrow of Egypt’s president a coup so that aid can be kept flowing to the Egyptian military without violating American law.

The U.S. government is not permitted to provide financial aid to a country where the military has overthrown a democratically elected government.

If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

Why does Secretary of State John Kerry have millions of tax dollars to throw at Egypt when we as a nation still experience poverty? If that money were spread around equally to American citizens, it would equal out to a bundle per person.

I am not advocating socialism, but when will we take better care of our own citizens rather than some psychopathic regime full of religious fundamentalists?

There is something seriously wrong with the way we are being governed. I take partial responsibility for that. When it comes time for elections, I will have some important decisions to make, because it is time to clean house.

Karen Dodson Oak Grove Priest case settled

I cannot describe my feelings of emptiness, abandonment, confusion and sense of loss over having heard of our most recent obscenity in paying off yet another victim’s family to avoid going to court (7-9, A1, “Priest abuse case settled”). It is beyond understanding.

It is beyond the bounds of decency to continue this charade. What do you expect of your followers?

I am heartbroken, in tears and totally drained by this most recent development. I do not even have the heart to read the newspaper accounts. I’ve read them too many times before.

How can Bishop Robert Finn face his followers? Tell them it is all covered by insurance? Tell them he didn’t know?

I am a convert and did not go to Catholic schools as my children did.

But even as an unbaptized heathen, I was taught that lying was a sin and that you dealt honestly with your neighbors and friends.

I can only hope that our new pope will bring some sanity to this issue. Otherwise, I have some very serious thinking to do.

Grace Borgmeyer Kansas City Lee Judge cartoons

The ink Lee Judge employs in his trade should bear the following statement: “Warning: Exposure to this substance causes diminished intellect, overt bigotry and juvenile artistic expression.”

Robert Arther Leawood Republican challenge

The Democrats won the last election by carving out groups of people, telling them the Republicans want to hurt them and promising all their wishes will be granted if they only vote for Democrats.

By using this technique, the Democrats managed to get people to vote for their own personal gain instead of what is best for the country.

This works because most Americans want to ignore reality.

Americans want their entitlement programs left untouched even though these programs are going to bankrupt America.

The problem with this approach is you can’t deliver everything to everybody, especially when the coffers are running dry.

As time passes and these groups realize they aren’t going to receive the benefits of voting Democrat they were promised, they will become disenchanted.

The challenge will then become how to keep these groups ignoring reality and not turning to Republicans for relief.

It is up to the Republicans to prepare their party to accept these recently dispirited special-interest groups.

William Gray Overland Park Weatherman and dog

Channel 41’s newscast is mainly built around a weatherman and his trick dog. It is a dog-and-pony show.

This happens several times a day. Sometimes there is actual news on this program, but that is rare.

The dog goes around in circles for tornadoes, sits for fair weather, barks twice for rain and plays dead for earthquakes. To save money, the producers could just let the dog forecast the weather and get rid of the weatherman.

When I was a child 70 years ago, my dog could forecast the weather by howling at the moon and barking at passing clouds and cars.

This dog would even drive me to school on snowy days, and he didn’t have a driver’s license or dog tags.

Get with it, Channel 41. Spare us from this continual pet show.

I have nothing against dogs, but I watch the news to hear from human beings.

Let the dog do the forecasting and get rid of the weatherman.

Michael J. Kellerman Kansas City Forgive Paula Deen

I, too, am speaking up for Paula Deen. Why are so many people treating her this way?

She has apologized sincerely, and it is so unfair of the companies that have sponsored her to betray her for something she said so long ago.

Like she has said, “He who is without any guilt, throw the first stone.”

No person is guilt-free. Forgive her.

I am in disbelief that so many companies have discontinued her products, and I believe it is very unfair.

Kay Johnson Overland Park Create KCI anew

Kansas City officials give a green light for more planning, including the hiring of a public relations firm to help shove the need for a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport down the throat of our town.

The other big thing is that a Kansas City architect firm was chosen to help design a new Kennedy Center addition. This town has the best architects in the world.

Why don’t we use their talents to work together (as they did at Kauffman Stadium) to design a world-class terminal, maybe even using the old design (hint: Kauffman Stadium) and come up with something that can be a truly Kansas City icon?

Then we might have something that everyone can get behind.

Bruce A. Benteman Overland Park Sandy Hook poem

Cloaked in darkness,

Beneath beds

It came

Stealing poems.

Lines were drawn,

Gavels pounded,

And walls were built

Higher and higher

Until collapsing

Into the fog

Of lost causes

Into joyful sounds

Of children at play.

Thomas Maienschein Lee’s Summit