Letters to the Editor

Kansas, KCI, veterans

Kansas catastrophe

It seems Kansas Gov. Sam Throwback, along with a compliant state legislature, is hellbent on returning his domain to the time when the rugged rough-and-ready frontiersmen wrote their own rules, with no regard for the wishes or concerns of fellow citizens.

Although I live in Missouri, I have very close relatives in Johnson County and very many friends on the Kansas side. I know they are appalled and more than a little afraid of the autocratic undoing of a formerly more reasonable and less radical state government.

Gov. Sam Brownback and his equally reactionary, ultraconservative ideologues are remaking Kansas into the country’s leading example of a self-centered, dictatorial administration.

Steve Sherry
Kansas City Program on KCI

Kudos to The Kansas City Star and writer Lynn Horsley for the very thorough July 7 article, “KCI concept faces sticker shock,”

about the $1.2 billion proposal to replace Kansas City International Airport’s three curbside terminals with a single terminal.

This is a major decision for Kansas City, and The Star’s helping lay out all the facts for the public is essential for a good result.

The public can learn more about these facts and issues at a special panel discussion featuring City Councilmen Dick Davis and Scott Wagner and aviation experts. The 6 to 8 p.m. program Thursday at the Central Library downtown will be moderated by Nick Haines with KCPT, Channel 19. Admission is free.

Questions from the audience will be welcome. The program is sponsored by the Citizens Association and the Kansas City Public Library.

Dan Cofran The Citizens Association
Kansas City Vets poorly treated

Thanks to Robert Burns with The Associated Press, “Issues pervade POW/MIA efforts,” for confirming what has already been known and felt by our veterans. The July 8 front-page article confirms the belief of the lack of concern for our veterans.

Apparently our government will send our troops to fight its wars without any consideration of the results. Examples are numerous Gulf War POW/MIA, wounded warriors and the inept Veterans Affairs.

Shame on us. All this really makes one want to serve in the armed forces, doesn’t it?

William Hahn Mission Bible school smiles

What a delight to read Lisa Gutierrez’s July 8 story, “Bible School Magic.” Thank you for such an uplifting and interesting account of Mike and Glenda Mann’s ministry to children.

Abe Reddekopp Kansas City Whistle-blower’s role

Edward Snowden’s pompous, narcissistic tendencies are grating on my nerves. Does he really think that majority of Americans have no idea that we are under constant surveillance?

A legal warrant allows law enforcement to look at our private relevant “stuff,” including our digital stuff. Daily we use devices that inform others of our behaviors and location such as cellphones, tablets and automobiles. We use Wi-Fi in public places.

We use credit cards and passports that contain data chips. We have digital library cards, annoying frequent shopper cards. Wireless security cameras are everywhere, and our fallacy of self-importance prompts us to post images of spouses, examples of our spending habits and children on social media.

Most of us do not have the time or skill needed to track the destination and use of all of the information about us that we have willingly given away. So there the data sits waiting to be used for some purpose.

As annoying as Snowden is, he has sounded the alarm for the “clueless” among us. So remember: “Smile you are on candid camera. Stand up straight and use the king’s English because your digital profile will never go away.”

Sylvia Augustus Kansas City Obama’s credibility

When a leader loses credibility, he or she loses support. President Barack Obama has earned his loss of credibility, and it’s no wonder conservatives choose not to be props in his dog-and-pony shows.

Obama said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class one dime.

He said Obamacare would lower health insurance rates by $2,500 for middle-class families. He said his $700 billion stimulus would keep the unemployment rate below 7 percent.

Obama said the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. His income was in excess of $600,000 last year, and he paid 18 percent.

He said the Benghazi attack was the result of a video and he would get to the bottom of it. Obama said that terrorist organizations were on their heels.

This is only a short list. President Obama, step away from your teleprompter and do your job.

Scot Ewing Blue Springs Gasoline bargain

It seems that the average American thinks it is a given that all Americans are entitled to cheap gasoline. Most of the American flock keeps bleating like sheep. “Big oil,” repeat, repeat and so forth, a tune keeps pouring from open mouths like water out of an open faucet.

In the United States, for every dollar spent on gas, a chunk went for taxes, some for distribution and some for refining, and then there was the cost of crude. The average cost for a gallon has been around $3.50 in this country.

The average price in Europe comes to $9.29. A quick check of this indicated that half of this cost is due to taxes.

It would appear that gasoline in America is a bargain. And if that expense is not to your liking, try using some public transportation.

Yeah, just try.

Tom Spath Lenexa Fearing government

Some letter writers have implied that we should not fear government because we are the government. I don’t remember requesting the ongoing, in-depth review of millions of Americans’ phone records without cause, the secret reading of emails and the constant review of Internet use that the administration says is vital to protecting us.

I didn’t request that government agencies harass and persecute people and groups that happen to disagree with the administration’s policies. I didn’t request that high-ranking administration officials brand dissenters as “un-American” and “unpatriotic.”

I didn’t request that an unlimited number of “czars” be appointed to create policies that have the effect of law, bypassing the elected representatives of the people.

I didn’t request that government agencies such as Health and Human Services coerce funds from private businesses to implement government programs that Congress did not fund, clearly deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (Iran-Contra).

Fear of the government isn’t just a Second Amendment issue. Fear it, yes.

Anyone saying, “Hi, I’m from the government. I’m here to help,” means run as fast as you can.

Ken Meyer Lawrence Cellphone bills

No wonder the government is tracking cellphone use. Have you ever tried to actually understand your monthly bill?

Sheer terror.

Thomas Stroud Overland Park Read to children

I very much appreciate The Kansas City Star drawing attention to the very important issue of reading for low-income children.

Children who read will succeed. Working to help every child read at grade level is the single most important thing we can do as a community to ensure individual success and economic stability.

Read to your little children. Encourage children to read over the summer.

Reading just a few books can make a measurable difference in school achievement. Don’t know how to start? Visit your local library. The people there will help you connect your children with books that are right for them.

Make a difference this summer. Read.

Steven V. Potter Library Director and CEO Mid-Continent Public Library Independence Royals sauce sales

If the Royals worked as hard at hitting as they do at selling Butler’s BBQ sauce they might be scoring more than three runs a game. Charity or not, it’s bush league.

I guess it comes from the David Glass Wal-Mart philosophy to put making money above all else. During games, their only focus should be on winning, not promoting.

Dell Anderson Blue Springs