Letters to the Editor

Gender bias, police, tax cuts

Gender bias

The Star’s editorial (6-23, “Next NASA team reaches new heights for women”) about the strides that female astronauts are making at NASA was itself filled with gender bias.

You name Yuri Gagarin as the first man in space, then state that the “first woman in space was a Soviet.” That brave woman’s name was Valentina Tereshkova aboard Vostok 6.

Later, you mention the “second woman in space was another Soviet.” For your information, her name was Svetlana Savitskaya aboard Soyuz 7.

Yes, women have made awesome contributions in science and exploration, but in the future, I would appreciate it if The Star would extend them the same fair treatment and respect you give men by properly reporting the women’s names.

Elizabeth Brown Kansas City Local control of police

State control of the St. Louis and Kansas City police departments was established to isolate them from corrupt politicians and outside financial influences. A statewide vote to return control to the city of St. Louis was forced through a petition funded by St. Louis millionaire Rex Sinquefield.

The change in control, in other words, was aided by a wealthy person exerting tremendous influence. I thought this kind of conflict of interest was what state control was meant to eliminate.

The writing is truly on the wall.

Jim Brown Pleasant Hill Tax cut disaster

Republican-dominated state governments are falling all over themselves to eliminate taxes for wealthy people, corporations and businesses. There is only one definition for these tax breaks: government welfare.

And what do those who get the tax breaks do with the money? They keep it.

Tax breaks will never stimulate the American economy on any level. Almost 70 percent of our economy is government spending.

Cutting taxes cuts spending and devastates the economy. To claim any other result is to deny reality. Tax breaks destroy America.

Reggie Marselus Lenexa Big spender Obama

Republicans need to focus their fire on spending, spending and spending. President Barack Obama is vulnerable and exposed and can be taken down over this issue.

His recent drop in polling can be directly attributed to his opposition to the sequester cuts. Ever since Obama succeeded in raising taxes, he has been unprotected on his opposition to spending cuts.

No longer can he deflect proposals to curb the massive federal spending and debt by saying that we should first try to raise taxes on the rich. Now that he has had his way, he’s lost his cover.

So Obama was badly hurt during the sequester battle. Openly exposed for pushing higher spending and crying wolf at the sequester cuts, it has become clear that he wants spending to go higher and higher.

He can no longer sell dire warnings about the looming threats of spending cuts. With only 24 percent now saying that sequester cuts hurt, his credibility in warning of the effect of spending reductions is shot.

Larry and Cynthia McCallister Overland Park Benghazi questions

I am still wondering about the whereabouts of the president as the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was being sacked and four Americans were killed.

Sometimes soldiers go in harm’s way beyond support or assistance. However, diplomats are not soldiers and are not prepared to fight for their lives by definition of their diplomatic mission.

So where was the commander-in-chief who should have risked any asset to come to the aid of his beleaguered ambassador, his personal representative to Libya? President Barack Obama should have been in command that night and able to order military support.

We need to know why it didn’t happen.

Walter Schrepel Lansing 2nd Amendment plus

Some letter writers keep trying to tell us that the Second Amendment should apply only to single-shot muskets that were the state of the art in 1791 when the Bill of Rights was ratified.

Would you like the same logic to be applied to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech?

Maybe only face-to-face speech should be uncensored by government but speech by telephone, radio and television should be censored because the founders never thought you could talk to so many people at the same time, based on the technology of 1791.

I think not.

More freedom, not less, is always the answer to any problem. Repeal bad laws — don’t make things worse with new foolish laws.

To protect school kids, repeal the gun-free school laws. Stop disarming the victims.

To cut gun deaths drastically, repeal the idiotic war on drugs.

Michael Kerner Lenexa Identifying GOP

You are a Republican if:

You honor our veterans by cutting Veteran Affairs and Medicare benefits.

You believe Benghazi is a bigger scandal than Iran-Contra, Watergate or 9/11.

You think building bombs is more important than rebuilding bridges or roads.

You feel tax cuts for the rich are better than funding education for our children.

You think immigration was good only for your grandparents.

If you demand proof of global warming while touting the gospel as science.

If you think fair and balanced is really news.

Kenneth Paull Overland Park Gun proliferation

Wyatt Earp civilized Wichita by taking the cowboys’ guns when they came to town. Or, so we were taught in the 1950s at Wichita’s old Ingalls grade school.

Now the Legislature wants us to become a statewide armed camp. What could go wrong?

Philip Gardos Kansas City Benefits of guns

How many editorials has The Kansas City Star written about carmakers showing no remorse over deaths or knife makers showing no remorse over deaths? This editorial board is biased.

Your newspaper doesn’t like guns and wants to outlaw them so you write editorials trying to convince others with your bias.

Why don’t you try and look at it differently, such as what good guns have done?

How many lives have guns saved?

There was the lady in Texas who shot the intruder in her home. She protected her two children and herself.

How many times have guns protected our troops?

What about the lady in south Kansas City who shot one of three would-be intruders? Would she still be alive today without a gun?

We don’t know.

So please try and find the good in guns. It is not that hard.

Remember, when you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns.

Karen Stephens Holt, Mo. Back Frank White

Help get former Royals second baseman Frank White into the Hall of Fame.

A grassroots committee has been formed to help promote this five-time All-Star, eight-time Gold Glove winner, World Series champion and Royals Hall of Famer for election into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Please go to www.frankwhiteforthehalloffame.com and sign the petition. Frank White deserves to be there.

We need your help to try and make this happen.

Bob Snodgrass Lenexa Lenny Cohen Mission Hills Frank White for the Hall of Fame Committee Nature’s daily joy

I’m an old and happy man, and joy comes in exciting ways. Although my wife is confined with Alzheimer’s disease and I am alone, I find company that speaks to me in surprising ways.

I don’t allow my handicaps any space and keep my mind occupied with happy thoughts. Now here I am in a happy, second-floor, single apartment with a large window and I see a lovely crab tree.

There on a branch is a new eastern red cedar wren house, and soon one and then more wrens will fill the air with music. This is the time to say “thanks” and listen joyfully.

The setting sun adds color to the sounds of nature.

Doug Sutherland Raymore