Letters to the Editor

Double food standard, home inspections, ban guns in schools

Double food standard

It is pretty bad when your children can go to lunch at school and be told by the government what they are allowed to eat. It has to fall within a certain number of calories.

When your children come home, they are starving as they did not get enough to eat at school because of the ridiculous choices provided by this program.

A White House gala can have a high-calorie dinner. Our children are expected to eat less. Why don’t the president and his family practice what they preach?

Joan Brauninger
Kansas City Hollow support

We say we stand with Boston after the marathon bombing. But what we do as a nation is the best test of how we will actually stand with Boston.

After law-enforcement officers apprehended the second marathon bomber, the people of Boston filled the streets to thank city, state and federal law enforcement. They were applauding good government.

We say we will remember Newtown, Conn. But when a watered-down background-check bill came up for a vote, it failed.

We say we stand with our police and our teachers. But what we do as a nation is the real test of that sentiment.

When we allow Congress to stand in the way of better pay for our police and our teachers, allow the sequester to force cutbacks in law enforcement and education and fail to pass reasonable gun regulations, how is that standing with Boston, with Newtown, with my town or your town?

Bernadine Kline Liberty Home inspections

Gov. Sam Brownback has done it again. This time, he unilaterally deregulated the home-inspection industry in Kansas.

With a stroke of his pen, he terminated the Kansas Home Inspectors Registration Board, effective July 1. From that date on, home inspectors will not need to be qualified or carry liability insurance.

Kansas continues to fall back into the 19th century. Maybe we should change the name to “Kochistan.”

Steve Johnston Leawood Obama’s justice

After the horrible attack at the Boston Marathon, President Barack Obama promised that those who were responsible would feel the full weight of justice.

Why didn’t he promise that after Fast and Furious or the awful Benghazi attack? It seems that if it involves anyone in the White House administration, the president is not so eager to seek the full weight of justice for those responsible.

And the same with his promise for transparency. If it negatively involves the administration, then it becomes quite opaque. A bit of consistency would be appreciated.

Cathy Runyan Svacina Kansas City Attack still a mystery

What has happened to the investigation of the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967?

On a clear day 46 years ago today in international waters off the coast of Egypt, Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats savagely attacked the unarmed technical research ship without warning or provocation.

Thirty-four Americans were killed in action and 174 were wounded. A report by former officials from the highest level of the military and U.S. government stated that Israel “committed acts of murder against American servicemen and an act of war against the United States” when it deliberately attacked the USS Liberty.

Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer condemned the deliberate aggression against the United States by our “ally.”

Israel says it was a “tragic accident”; the evidence says it was tragic but not an accident.

The U.S. continues to be Israel’s “best friend” while we turn our backs on June 8, 1967. The U.S. continues to fund Israel’s military with blank checks.

What happens, every day, to the truth of liberty?

Rev. Michael Poage Retired pastor United Church of Christ Wichita Poor postal service

I have a problem accepting the service I get from the U.S. Postal Service just trying to have a letter delivered from Gladstone to the Plaza area. My granddaughter lives near the Plaza, and I send her letters on a regular basis — or at least I try to.

The first letter arrived in a timely manner. Then the next two were returned to me with the dreaded yellow label telling me they could not be delivered as addressed.

She then told me she thought the problem was that I was not using the nine-digit zip code. I had not been aware that it was mandatory to use the extra four digits.

Next time I used the proper zip code and the letter arrived. Hooray! Then two weeks ago I sent my letter, properly addressed, and in 10 days it was returned again with the yellow label.

I have no idea what I have to do to get letters delivered by that post office. My granddaughter tells me all her bills arrive, all with the same address.

Now I have to send her letters to her parents in Platte City, and she picks them up when she goes home for a visit.

Marlene Dinkmeyer Gladstone Ban guns in schools

Guns need to stay out of schools. Firearms are deadly.

With a gun around, the danger for students and staff increases. All people in school represent a range in age and maturity.

Weapons should not be permitted in schools for a number of reasons. Guns in schools should not be determined by a school board because there are schools that do not have school boards.

I know protection is important, but locked-away guns won’t help when you don’t have time to get them. Guns don’t always promise protection.

Ever notice that kids spend a lot of time playing with toy or water guns? It’s an easy confusion when they see an armed weapon in their schools.

What if a gun gets misplaced? A child could get possession of it not knowing the gun is not a toy.

News flash: Kids are impressionable. They will think having a gun is OK.

I am an assistant teacher at a day-care center and just turned 18. Am I allowed to carry a gun?

High school and middle school are full of drama. Trust me. I know.

Katlynne Georgiana Lenexa Provoking trouble

I’m a concerned citizen of this country. I see a lot of hate, criticism and ridicule directed toward President Barack Obama.

With that being said, here is food for thought. The reason we have had all the so-called terrorist attacks is that our political leaders think every other country should have a democracy the same as we do.

As a concerned U.S. citizen, I wish that these tragedies would have never happened. But why they happened is possibly because of U.S. killings of families and ravaging of towns in other countries to find terrorists.

We are there for reasons that none of us is told about. People should stand up for their rights and tell the government that we need to mind our own business and stop acting as the world’s police.

It only sends trouble and dead soldiers home.

Dustin Snedeger Blairstown, Mo. Women in military

Political correctness should not be used to put our soldiers in jeopardy. If you look at the combat load a soldier has to carry, it is ludicrous to think a woman can carry the same load.

The combat load can be as much as 80 pounds. As a retired Marine, I am totally for women doing whatever jobs they are capable of doing, and the same goes for men.

However, if a woman cannot carry her share, the patrol will either not take something needed or another soldier will have to carry part of her load. That is unacceptable.

I weighed 185 pounds when I was active. With my pack and other gear, the total weight went up to about 250 or 260 pounds.

If I am unconscious, any Marine — let alone a woman weighing 140 or 150 pounds — would have an extremely hard time moving me out of harm’s way.

Women make excellent pilots; their reaction time is faster, and they can stand more G forces. Having a double standard where the women don’t have to do the same as a man will get soldiers killed.

Stephen Mangiameli Lee’s Summit