Letters to the Editor

Wars, guns, cheering Columbia

Ode to new, old wars

A pilotless plane is, they say, “inhumane,” as it goes after suicide bombers.

And now they want “girls,” they of lipstick and curls, to take arms and do combat. How somber.

But we, who’ve “been there,” know that war is “unfair,” and the “death toll” is more than a “number.”

LeVergne Hammond
Independence Hands off KCI

The Star says a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport is better for the environment. That kind of ethereal statement means supporters have run out of believable arguments (especially because airports are the definition of environmentally horrible).

And huge cuts in security staff for the same number of travelers? Yes, that definitely sounds as if lines will be faster.

The push for a new airport is a self-enrichment program for contractors to the tune of millions of dollars and for public officials for the glory (and much fine-dining with contractors).

An airport is not a destination. KCI numbers have declined because Kansas City is becoming less of a business destination.

In general, business travelers everywhere stay home more and use technology to communicate. It’s fantasy to say a better mall at the airport will bring more flyers.

Want to bring in more flyers? Give them a reason to do business here.

If a new terminal can let me park less than 50 yards away, I can get through security in less than 10 minutes and my luggage can be claimed within 10 to 15 minutes of landing, I’m listening. But if the proposed terminal cannot meet those criteria, hands off my airport.

Donald W. Miller Jr., M.D.
Shawnee Upgrade KCI

Kansas City International Airport is going to change, and all the foot stomping won’t help. It is a pre-9/11 relic, and an airport has to have more going for it than convenient parking.

It’s a dream to get in and out of, but woe unto thee if your flight is delayed. Then you are trapped in a gymnasium environment with nowhere to go.

As for parking, the satellite parking situation could be improved now by the City Council. Buses could be more frequent and nicer, with pick-up and drop-off at your car.

It would also be nice if the driver would help with luggage.

I’ve been through the so-called hellish airports at Atlanta, Chicago and Denver, and it’s never taken more than 20 minutes to get through security and to my gate.

It’s time to bring everything up to date in Kansas City, including its airport.

Jeanne Martin Kansas City Enough rainfall

All you people who started praying for rain last summer — stop it!

Robert Gjertson Overland Park Judging gun owners

After every terrorist attack, the administration and the media tell us not to judge all of Islam by the actions of a few.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the administration and its media extended the same courtesy to America’s gun owners?

Paul Rodriguez Kansas City Royals losing steam

Different year, same Royals. Once again the home team is headed for the cellar.

The Royals have a roster full of .220 hitters with no pop. The pitching is much improved but will soon wilt with no run support.

We’re not very good, but baseball can be enjoyable to watch and attend.

Ned Yost and Dayton Moore, you really need to get control of your children. If one of them is lucky enough to scratch out a single, he displays Little League antics with hand gyrations almost before he’s rounded the bag.

The biggest abuser of this is Eric Hosmer, who at this point of the season has one home run and 17 runs batted in. Not exactly Hall of Fame numbers.

Come on, Royals. You may lose, but at least lose with class.

Dell Anderson Blue Springs Protecting children

As a licensed clinical social worker, I am appalled at the failure of the Missouri Children’s Division to protect Lucas Barnes Webb (5-26, A1, “Proof is a burden for child victims”). It is quite apparent that it had more than one opportunity to protect Lucas and save his life.

Attributing his death to a lack of worker training and to funding shortages doesn’t absolve the division from being partially culpable for his death. I am proud of The Star for continuing to expose this agency’s growing and well-documented failures in protecting children.

Missing notes, lack of appropriate investigating and multiple unsubstantiated reports, despite the evidence, all speak to the misguided leadership and integrity of this state agency.

The Children’s Division must also realize that mandated reporters such as myself are put in very challenging situations when we are legally obligated to report suspicions of abuse and neglect, only to discover the division has decided not to pursue investigating these allegations.

The “preponderance of the evidence” standard Missouri has adopted is not in the best interest of children. To avoid the risk of thoroughly investigating possibly unfounded allegations, the state is letting children slip through the cracks and die.

Diane Bigler Kansas City Kudos to Columbia

For several years now, my husband and I have enjoyed living in Columbia. Although we have lived and traveled all over the world, there really is no place like home.

In recent years, Columbia has been praised by international visitors and scholars for its global appeal.

Columbia is fortunate to have attractions that engage Missouri’s international visitors. Columbia, which is the fifth-largest city in Missouri and the 13th-most highly educated U.S. municipality, is known for its historic landmarks, musical heritage, museums and hiking.

Museums and gardens flourish in Columbia and include Blind Boone’s home, the Columbia Art League Gallery and Martin Luther King Memorial Garden. As for the Blind Boone home, all community information confirms that this successful artist had an international effect far beyond his roots.

In every way, Columbia lives up to its reputation as one of the best places in America to live.

Elizabeth Bissell Miller Columbia, Mo. Deadly radon gas

Our adult daughter has stage IV lung cancer. Because she never smoked, the likely cause is radon gas, which, according to the surgeon general, is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

This colorless, odorless, radioactive gas is created as uranium in the ground breaks down. If it collects in your basement, it can be lethal.

You can test your house using a kit from hardware stores or the Web or have professionals do it. If the radon level is unsafe, these specialists can install a pump and get rid of it permanently.

This is a sure way to protect your family from this cancer.

Don and Margaret Anderson Winfield, Kan. Hudler refreshing

I cannot believe that some people are still complaining about the Kansas City Royals’ color commentary of Rex Hudler. Find something else to whine about.

Maybe he didn’t come across very well when we could not win a game. You might prefer someone moaning and always being down. Would that relate better to the fans who felt the same way?

No, he is not boring. He will not put you to sleep in a monotone voice. Nor will he be negative toward our team.

He is passionate and excited, and it shows. That’s why I like him.

He’s witty, funny and very entertaining. He played ball for a lot of teams and is very knowledgeable. The players also love him.

Last summer, my son, Eric, had recently graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. His friend got to intern with Fox Broadcasting and knew Eric liked Rex Hudler. Out of the blue, Eric got a phone call from Rex.

They laughed and talked for quite a while, but the impression he left will last a lifetime. While haters will continue to hate, I for one find his enthusiasm and love of the game refreshing.

Kristy Mizener Lee’s Summit