Letters to the Editor

Readers react to Republican voting, Colorado shooter, Lee Judge cartoons

Voting Republican

I am fine with rich people voting Republican, but when poor people, particularly single women, vote Republican, I want to scream. The Republicans are great, if you are white, male and doing well in business.

Republicans try to make cuts in Head Start, food stamps, housing help, Medicare, job assistance and almost every other program a poor person may someday need.

If the poor vote Republican, when it comes time for them to apply for help, authorities should turn them down and tell them to let the Republicans help them.

Jil Brown


Colorado shooter

Although there is a certain visceral satisfaction in the guilty verdict of the Colorado theater shooter, both because of the horrific nature of the crime, but also because I have family for whom I fear if this young man gets out on the street again, I wonder what true societal good it does to put him in jail for life or execute him when the next disturbed person can so easily obtain guns and do exactly the same thing (7-17, A2, “Gunman is convicted of 165 charges”).

I think we kid ourselves that this is any sort of remedy. Yes, we are punishing him, and I’m fine with that. But let’s don’t imagine we’ve fixed anything.

Terry Cracraft

Kansas City

Lee Judge cartoons

After reading the letter from a conservative lambasting Lee Judge’s cartoons, I want to put in my two cents’ worth (7-15, Letters).

I have no problem with a person not liking Judge’s cartoons, but I do have a problem with the labeling that comes with it. He used the word “leftists” as if it were a dirty word.

I am proud to be a so-called leftist. I actually prefer the term liberal in the John F. Kennedy sense of that term. I am also proud that we have a man of courage like Lee Judge who tells it like it is. If he causes noses to be pinched, so be it.

Keep up the great work, Lee. Make us all a bit uncomfortable with your artist’s pen, cause us to think, force us out of our smug complacency, fight the good fight for fairness, justice, compassion and truth.

Robert Francis


Pope, climate change

It is strange that the pope seems to align himself with those super scientists Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Al Gore. All three have declared that the unearthing of each lump of coal and quart of oil is a nail in the coffin of our existence.

Never mind that all three have made these declarations in the comfort of their homes or offices provided by power generated from these fossil fuels.

Someone predicted that our coasts would be flooded beyond habitation in just a few years. Al Gore celebrated this prediction by buying a property on our West Coast so that very shortly he could be standing in his living room with water up to his neck, declaring, “See, I told you so.” Lucky for him he is high and dry.

It is apparent that the computers just don’t compute.

The pope also said that arms makers are evil. Any day now I expect the pope to relieve his Swiss Guards of all of their “evil weapons.” Yeah, right.

In this complicated world, I think the pope should stick to the salvation of millions of good Catholics. Fossil fuels and guns are not exactly his strong suits.

Maynard Mitchell


Hard on Congress

To all of you potential and present members of Congress sending me “gimme letters,” I shall consider donating to your campaigns when all former Congress members no longer receive all of the benefits, such as pensions and health care.

Members of the public may receive their pensions upon leaving their jobs, but not to this extent. Basically, if you are voted out, you are fired and receive nothing other than our thanks for your service.

Therefore, no contributions until this is implemented.

And one last thing, give back our Social Security money.

Diane Kuebler


KCI accessibility

I am not arguing in support of or against changes in the Kansas City International Airport terminal structure, although its accessibility cannot be disputed.

Returning from overseas, we were in two supposedly modern terminals — Amsterdam and Detroit — and found their accessibility to be terrible. They are stretched out about a mile long each, making changing gates extremely difficult, especially for one who needs a wheelchair or other assistance.

Whatever the final choice for KCI, do not develop a long, narrow terminal. They are going out of style and can be very inconvenient.

Remember not just the ease of terminal access from outside but also the ease of moving about inside the terminal.

Bill Johnson


Kansas GOP tactics

Twice this year in Kansas, I attended sessions in which my legislators complained about the governor’s and party leadership’s policies and tactics. They said bills were submitted without print versions until minutes before the vote.

They said the governor played chicken with the Legislature, threatening to defund the universities if they did not approve his plans. They said the leadership kept them in session until 4 a.m.

They said the leadership did not follow the rules but the “judge” of compliance was appointed by the leader and served at the leader’s pleasure, so that person never ruled against the leader.

They said the regressive taxation would increase the flight of customers from Kansas and would hurt both Kansas businesses and the public. They said the taxes were inadequate and the plan to balance the budget was inadequate.

They said they expected the situation to remain the same in the next session, characterized by bullying, a lack of principle and incompetency.

What I do not understand is why they do not vote with their feet and switch parties. Does anyone know?

Switch parties. Do not remain loyal to a party of bullying, incompetency and lack of principle.

Chris Roesel

Roeland Park

Postal service cuts

There’s a common phrase used among designers (and surely by others): “Less is more.” But when it comes to customer service, I would think more is better, although apparently not in the view of the U.S. Postal Service.

A sign affixed to the front door of the post office at 51st and Main streets, indicates “to better serve you” the new hours will be from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. That’s a change from being open from 10 a.m. as well as on Saturdays.

I’m curious how a 40 percent decrease in the opportunity for the public to interact with the Postal Service is an improvement.

Oh, wait. Now I get it.

Cliff Schiappa

Kansas City

Silence on Kansas

The Kansas GOP continues to talk about the success of income-tax cuts for business owners and reduction of education-related spending in Kansas as a great victory, even though the statistics and facts point more toward them being a catalyst for economic disaster.

In balancing the budget for next year, the Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback made sure that the zero income-tax rate on businesses and farms remained law while raising sales taxes and cigarette taxes throughout the state. Those still paying income taxes had exemptions and shelters taken away and saw their prized mortgage deduction limited.

Yes, indeed, this was a great victory for Kansas Republicans.

Surprisingly, as of yet, not one GOP candidate for president has touted this economic miracle on the plains.

Why have Republican leaders outside the state not been talking about this great “Kansas conservative economic experiment”?

Why have they not been shouting from the mountaintops that it has been an economic marvel, a great creator of jobs and an experiment that needs now to be replicated throughout the rest of the nation?

The silence of the national Republican Party has been deafening.

Joe Hodnik