Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the whirlwind of noise in Washington and Loose Park traffic

Not just noise

For many of us, the constant chaotic news emanating out of Washington, D.C., has become background noise. We have busy lives and not enough hours in the day to keep up with the news details.

Couple the lack of time with the tendency to consume news that feeds our individual biases, and we have a population that is potentially not well informed.

Now is the time when all citizens who believe in the bedrock principle of fair and free elections would sit up and take notice.

Politicians who are advocating for foreign countries to interfere in our electoral process are simply un-American. Democracy and fairness are what we have believed in, fought for and died for.

We should be calling our elected officials and letting them know that fair and free elections are a primary concern to all citizens.

- Denise Brown, Kansas City

Backed up

The city crews that time stoplights have made a mess of the intersections around Loose Park. I am a resident of the area and have found that traffic trying to cross Wornall Road is held up, sometimes in excess of five minutes.

I propose that the city take into consideration the voices of the people. If a survey of sorts was sent to people who live here — instead of having a couple of guys who don’t know the neighborhood sit on a corner for a day and ruin the flow of traffic — I could see this problem getting solved.

- Rory Osborn, Kansas City

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