Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss constant gun violence and unfair attacks on Barry Grissom

We got this

Foreign terrorists who are determined to kill Americans should put down their weapons and relax. We are quite capable of killing ourselves, with almost weekly mass shootings.

The latest tragedy in Texas was just another day in America.

Ho hum.

Patricia Manicatakis


Unfair shots

As a former elected official and 2018 candidate for Kansas lieutenant governor, I’m sensitive to bias when I see it in the media.

Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern of bias against Kansas Democrats from The Kansas City Star and other McClatchy newspapers.

After a successful 2018, Democrats are inspired. With an open U.S. Senate race and Republican Kris Kobach back in the mix, we have a shot at winning our first Senate seat since 1932.

Despite our chances, and with zero evidence, Dave Helling gave Kansas Democrats zero chance. (July 23, 9A, “If Sebelius won’t run for Senate, Kansas Democrats can’t win”)

The Star then took it a step further by deliberately trying to tear down our strongest candidate in a generation, Barry Grissom. For the six years Grissom served with distinction as U.S. attorney for Kansas, The Star never had a word of criticism. But as soon as he declared for Senate, the attacks began. They include a front-page story attacking Grissom’s record of stopping terrorists while ignoring his work to clean up the U.S. attorney’s office in Kansas City, Kansas. (Sept. 5, “FBI stings in terror cases prosecuted by Senate candidate questioned”)

The Star is risking its credibility with its bias. Readers deserve honesty.

Chris Morrow