Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Border Patrol, biased liberals and guns versus flamethrowers

Seen it firsthand

I had to read Dahleen Glanton’s June 30 column twice because the first time filled my eyes with tears. (13A, “Drowned immigrant father and daughter are desperation’s face”)

I hope many people read it, and I hope maybe, just maybe, someone with the power to help will step up and start things going.

The situation with migrant children at our border is breaking my heart. It just should not be happening.

From 2001 through 2012, I lived and worked in southern Arizona near the border with Nogales, Mexico. I’ve seen many, many migrants.

They are no threat to us. They are small and frail and beaten down by life. They need help.

Our country has the land and the money to help them. If we can afford to spend millions on fireworks, not to mention professional sports, we could certainly afford to help people seeking asylum.

I’ve seen firsthand how the Border Patrol agents treat migrants. If you doubt power corrupts, just spend a few months traveling back and forth through the checkpoint near Tubac, Arizona, and watch. Better yet, spend a year in Tubac and listen to the locals.

Our system is broken. The situation with the children is proof.

Barbara Young


Which side?

There is a human rights crisis at our border, created in no small part by this administration and others in political power.

How people respond in moments like this defines their character, both personally and politically.

One political party seems to be outraged at the conditions and treatment of migrants.

One political party seems to be outraged at the media’s coverage and at the migrants themselves.

Whichever side of history you choose to be on, now is the time to act.

Shawn Harrel

Greenwood, Missouri

I doubt it

It is not true in all cases, but frequently it’s true: If you go looking for something to back up your preconceived theories or ideas, you will find it.

Since most problems being found in the holding centers for immigrants and asylum seekers at the southern border are being found by people I think are of the liberal persuasion, could it be this is what is happening?

When so-called inspectors interview children, do they bring their own interpreters or use the ones who work at the centers?

Reports of 10- to 16-year-old children being hungry could be found in schools and playgrounds all over this country, even if they had eaten in the last 15 minutes.

And how many of the mistreated children are wearing the same shoes and clothes they crossed the border in? How many times a week did they take showers in their own homes? How many meals a day did they get back in their home countries?

Will our supposed impartial news media answer these questions and let the rest of us know?

Michael Costello


Founders’ work

Thirteen colonies took the brave step, punishable by death, of declaring they would no longer be subject to the king of England but would become free, independent and united states. It’s important to remember our country’s founders, their declaration and the freedoms they bought us.

We already celebrate Memorial Day and Veterans Day by saluting our military, past and present. With all due respect to veterans and current service members, must we also turn Independence Day into another salute to our military capability? (July 5, 1A, “Trump presides over July 4 tribute to military”)

Carol Rothwell

Lee’s Summit

Poor comparison

A letter to the editor Wednesday claimed that guns are no problem, noting that flamethrowers are legal, even though they can also be deadly if turned against people. (10A)

May I point out that a flamethrower can’t kill 58 people and wound 422 more from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel hundreds of yards away?

Guns are a problem.

Mike Cunningham

Kansas City

Big, easy cuts

In the story about the Kansas court decision against Johnson County tax assessors, it was clear that County Commission Chairman Ed Eilert and his spending-happy cronies are issuing threats to all homeowners. (June 29, 6A, “Kansas rules Johnson County overtaxed Walmart by millions”) He said that if the commercial properties don’t pay because the courts rule the taxation illegitimate, then residential owners will be forced to.

This is the attitude of autocratic politicians throughout history: Instead of lowering spending by an out-of-control government, Eilert insists the county’s inflated spending cannot be touched.

Time to do a clean sweep of the commission and its spending ways. Johnson County’s budget could easily be cut by 25%, for starters, without affecting the proper functions of county government.

John Gillis

Unincorporated Johnson