Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss incredible shrinking hamburger and litter, litter everywhere

It’s all wet

Recently, it seems my hamburger patties shrink significantly as they cook and my skillet collects a lot of water. This is a fairly new occurrence and is independent of the store where I buy the product. The shrinkage is in the order of 40 to 50 percent.

I wonder if there is a legal requirement for the maximum moisture content in ground meat, specifically for hamburger. Can a meat producer or grocer put ground ice into the product?

I don’t know whether the Food and Drug Administration sets a standard for allowable water content, but I intend to start weighing the meat before and after cooking to see how much water I’m buying.

I’m tired of paying for nothing. There ought to be a water content labeling requirement. If you feel as I do, I suggest you let the FDA know.

Hugh Taylor

Overland Park

We’re a trashy city

I am saddened, disgusted and angered by the trash on our streets. Driving along U.S. 169 past Gladstone and North Kansas City, I don’t see how anyone is not disgusted.

It’s not only in the north. Trash reigns along the Interstate 435 corridor and downtown as well. Do area residents call themselves proud — Royals proud, Chiefs proud and proud to throw trash out the window?

We need strong leadership to start an awareness campaign against littering, followed by enforcing fines. How do we expect to attract businesses and residents to a despicable sight?

Wake up, Kansas City. Don’t throw trash out the window. My husband, my dog and I are tired of picking up after you.

Paula Zigmond

Kansas City