Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss girls left out at the Royals, police shootings and the GOP

Girls left out

I went to the Kansas City Royals game on Father’s Day, June 17. Between innings, there were fun games like the Condiment Race, Stealing a Base and a race to put on baseball uniforms. I noticed something about all of these fun games: No young girls were picked.

I know Major League Baseball is for boys, but Royals games are for everyone. Just because it’s baseball doesn’t mean girls should be excluded.

Some girls are more athletic than boys, so it is fair if they race against each other. Girls can accomplish anything boys can. We are as strong, as fast and as talented.

Most girls play softball, which is just like baseball. I myself play softball. In one game, I hit a home run, pitched seven strikeouts (three in a row) and threw my first change-up.

Just because girls and boys are different genders doesn’t mean they can’t have fun together. Girls and boys are equal, and that means girls get to do what boys get to do. I bet there were a lot of girls wanting to have fun on that field.

I also noticed that the big screen had only father-son moments. I know Father’s Day is about men, but girls have fathers, too. And father-daughter moments are just as important. For example, I went to a father-daughter dance in kindergarten. That was one of the best memories in my life. Maybe they should put father-daughter moments on the big screen, too.

Madison A. Kraft

Age 10

Overland Park

A different time

Most states in this country have statutes regarding child abuse and the exploitation of children — to prosecute those responsible when children are used for personal or financial gain. Enough said.

There was a time in this country when it was most embarrassing to be called a coward, to be afraid to stand up for what is right. Enough said.

There was a time in this country when the majority of the citizens said they were proud to be Americans. Enough said.

Vicky Keeton


Don’t presume

News coverage in The Star of two recent police shootings, and one very suspicious editorial, (June 18, 6A, “Shouldn’t police investigate shootings first?”) stress that a woman was shot while allegedly brandishing a decorative sword. This is a fact and should be reported.

It is a little much to expect a police officer to recognize a weapon as decorative when the person holding it is charging. I have seen decorative swords with enough of a point to be dangerous. If swung like a club, even a blunt edge can open an officer’s skull.

The same day, officers came upon men fighting over a grievance unknown to the officers. One allegedly pointed a gun at the officers. The officers fired. Early reports indicated that the shots killed the second man as well.

Later investigation will doubtless clarify these cases.

I once defended a shooting case in which we discovered that for the prosecution’s case to be true, the bullet would have had to turn corners.

When suspects are arrested, it is properly reported that they are alleged to have committed crimes. Police should also enjoy the presumption of innocence.

Kevin L. Jamison


No moral standing

A battle may have been won in President Donald Trump being forced to rescind his inhumane policy after repeatedly lying and saying that he could not, but the war is not over. (June 21, 1A, “Trump orders end to family separation policy”)

How and when will these children torn from their parents be reunited? Where will they be housed? What will happen to families in the future? What will happen to the Dreamers? What kind of immigration bill will be passed?

These people are not, as Trump would have us believe, all drug dealers, terrorists, murderers and rapists. The overwhelming majority are people fleeing violence, drug wars, civil wars and extreme poverty. They are seeking better lives for themselves and their families.

The GOP has no moral standing left. It has truly become the party of Trump, a man so vile that he institutes a policy of child abuse to get his way.

Vote these enablers out. Put people in office who will stand up to Trump and restore our moral standing in the world.

Doris A. Field

Overland Park

Bartle tribute?

Former mayor H. Roe Bartle was Kansas City’s greatest sports booster during his lifetime. The plight of the Royals must have him turning over in his grave.

The big man was well known for his weight of 300-plus pounds. I therefore propose a new “Bartle Line Indicator” of .300 — as in, “George Brett finished his distinguished career with a lifetime batting average above the Bartle Line,” or “The Royals are flirting with a season below the Bartle Line.”

Shel Roufa