Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Trump skipping the Bush funeral, witch hunts and Earth Day


President Donald Trump is the most disrespectful president of our time. Declining to attend the funeral of a former president’s spouse because he doesn’t want to be a distraction is the most narcissistic attitude from a commander in chief that I’ve seen in my life, and I’m 63. (April 22, 4A, “4 former presidents honor matriarch of Bush family”)

Talk about a lack of respect. I can’t believe he thinks he’s so far above everyone else that just because he is present it would take away from the funeral and memorial of a former president’s spouse. What a joke.

Bill Boyer

Kansas City

Cosmic scale

Like many people, I sometimes become upset, even bitter, over sociopolitical issues. I am often frustrated over my personal level of influence. But I also realize that frustration is not beneficial to my physical and emotional health.

I try to put things in perspective given my limited role in an immense universe. It can be sobering.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is but one of billions of similar galaxies. Yet, it alone is immense. It is spinning through space (think of a Frisbee) at about 500,000 mph. Yet a single rotation takes nearly 230 million years. Earth is part of that rotation, but our size barely registers on a cosmic map.

Our lives are but a momentary flicker of light, soon extinguished. Despite the size and brevity of our lives, we are unique. At this moment there is no evidence that similar life exists elsewhere.

Our personal realm of influence is limited but important. The best legacy we can achieve is to be a positive influence on those we know and love. We can be a ripple that reaches distant shores.

Mike Hanrahan

Cameron, Mo.

Sending comfort

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of witch hunts everywhere.

Joseph Stokely

Kansas City

Not our fight

I could not believe what I read on Page 2A Saturday. (“Kobach tells students protesting at gun-rights rally to stay in class”) This Kris Kobach has gone too far staging a gun rally.

He thinks the young people want to take all his guns. They really want to make new laws about guns so they will not be threatened going to school.

The only thing I can do is pray the young people win, because we adults cannot get anything done. The Republicans and Democrats need to get together and get something done.

Russell Taylor

Blue Springs

The right thing

On Sunday, it was not until the Opinion section that I found an item with an environmental bent, and only in a guest commentary and cartoon on that page, and in the Sunday comics, that I found explicit references to Earth Day. (25A, “KC is working for a responsible energy future”)

What happened? We once were excited about the environment, happy about clean water and enthralled with clean air. For a while, we recycled for the sake of Earth instead of the few pennies it generated.

Today, we take our environment for granted.

We forget when we couldn’t drink the water or breathe the air, and we relegate Earth Day to elementary school assemblies. We stand by while the Trump administration sells our heritage so a wealthy few can have even more. We worship convenience and don’t recycle an empty plastic bottle even when the bin is only steps away.

To make matters worse, some recycling centers throughout the area have closed because they’re messy and don’t generate revenue.

At my age, I probably won’t see an uninhabitable Earth, but I can’t wish that on our children. When did we forget? When did a quarterly statement or the next election cycle become more important than sustaining our planet?

When did The Star become complicit in that attitude?

Robert Powell


Logical outcome

To all the Kansas farmers and other members of the agricultural community: Why all the angst about China placing a 178 percent tariff on sorghum imports, Kansas’ third-largest grain export? (April 23, 8A, “Fightin’ words get real for Kansas farmers”)

The majority of you voted for Sen. Pat Roberts and his GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump. So now you are getting the government for which you voted and deserve, including reciprocal trade tariffs from countries threatened by Trump’s trade war.

Ted Steinmeyer Jr.

Overland Park