Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the Democrats’ debt ceiling deal, the American flag and KCI

Politics, country

If you’re a Democrat, you’re elated that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were instrumental in raising the debt ceiling, providing aid to Texas and keeping the government open through Dec. 15.

If you’re a Republican, you’re disappointed that President Donald Trump gave away bargaining chips in this process.

If you’re an American, however, you are jumping for joy that government finally worked as it should, with the ideological aisle set aside, as our forefathers intended.

Jim Kudlinski

Overland Park

Flag for all

A number of recent letters to The Star have claimed that refusing to honor the flag shows disrespect for members and veterans of our armed forces.

When did the flag become exclusively a symbol of our military? I thought it was supposed to belong to all of us. And when people feel that America no longer stands for the ideals the flag is supposed to represent, they should be able to express those opinions without fear of retribution, such as loss of employment.

They are not showing disrespect for the men and women of our military forces. They are rather showing respect for the values these brave Americans fought and died for.

Stu Lewis

Prairie Village

Unfair focus

The Kansas City Star’s misleading, biased reporting about Burns & McDonnell is a shame. Burns & McDonnell stepped forward to reignite the conversation of a new terminal, and its plan earned the support of the airlines, local labor groups and (from my observation) the public at large.

Many of us are disheartened and utterly confused by The Star’s endless crusade against Burns & McDonnell.

Beau Jackson


KU, North Korea

The picture of professor Kevin Willmott wearing a bulletproof vest really disturbed me. (Sept. 3, 15A, “I’m teaching at KU wearing a bulletproof vest”)

Being an alumnus of KU, I took classes. Discussions taught me how to think. Education in the U.S. made us first on the moon. It brought us the first use of an atom bomb, along with other achievements in medicine and technology.

Professors now think guns in the classrooms will be dangerous and believe they must must protect themselves — not with guns, but with bulletproof vests.

Young minds go to colleges for higher learning. Guns can intimidate and even kill the messenger. If you have to possess a gun, join the Marines or the Army. But leave guns out of the classroom.

Kim Jong Un in North Korea has a tiny hydrogen bomb. He doesn’t have the capacity to think about the consequences of his actions. (He wants to carry on his grandfather’s dynasty.)

Going against the U.S., which has an arsenal of thousands of bigger bombs than North Korea possesses, is foolish.

Kim does not realize he is in way over his head.

Jesse C. Newman

Overland Park

Problem solved

President Donald Trump doesn’t need to build a wall. No one wants to come here anymore.

Shirley Lewis

Overland Park

DACA action

President Donald Trump has announced he will stop renewing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals work permits, and he didn’t even have the courage to tell us himself.

Let U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services start by checking employees at Trump’s businesses and sending Dreamers and their parents back to their original countries. I’m willing to bet he’d be hard put to keep his properties clean, serve his guests or maintain the buildings.

There are fathers who have come to this country together and rented a place to live for seven or eight dads. They take our low-paying jobs, share costs and send money back home.

These Dreamers and their families are willing to do the jobs that other Americans will not because of the low pay and the type of work. They are excellent, dependable, hard-working and lovely employees.

Our economy will be hurt by implementing this mass deportation of families just trying to live better lives. Because who will do this kind of work? Not many Americans.

How do I know about these families? I was in the hospitality business for many years and knew many of these hard-working families. And I care about them.

I hope Congress will make an intelligent decision. Trump is without any sense of feelings for anyone other than Donald J. Trump.

Marilyn George

Lee’s Summit

Even though I disagree with the majority of President Donald Trump’s policies, I strongly support and agree with his decision to phase out the DACA program. It boils down to enforcing the law, and there is no point in having laws if they are not going to be enforced.

Now Congress will have six months to come up with a replacement, and I firmly believe that is a fair amount of time to put something together that will help these people out.

Jeff Swanson

Everett, Wash.