Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss a hybrid KC rail system, Trump Jr. and home loan policies

We’d ride it

I read the letter to the editor in the July 12 Star regarding the ride time if Clay Chastain’s proposal for a new “hybrid” rail system were to go through.

I agree that the possibility of ever putting in an areawide transportation system is very slim. However, I think the letter writer might be mistaken when he says not many people would ride such a system to go from place to place, such as the zoo.

I grew up in the Quindaro portion of Kansas City, Kan., and remember my mother packing a big picnic basket, getting on the streetcar on Quindaro Boulevard, transferring from car to car along the route and arriving at the zoo about an hour or so later at the main entrance.

We would spend the day enjoying the zoo (which was much smaller then) and the lunch Mom had packed. We then boarded the streetcar for the return ride to home.

This is still one of my best memories from growing up.

Robert Laskey


New revolution?

President Donald Trump is in France as a guest of honor for the celebration of Bastille Day. If I remember my history correctly the abused masses stormed the Bastille in 1789 to bring the wealthy monarchy to their knees and execute a few along the way.

Does anyone else see the irony of Trump, who exploits the masses to benefit himself and his one-percent cronies, being a guest of honor celebrating the storming of the Bastille?

Jim Babcock

Robinson, Kan.

Trump overseas

In the column, “Once again, Trump shows his best face traveling abroad,” (July 12, 13A) Andrew Malcolm referred to President Donald Trump as “a free world leader.” Not the “leader of the free world,” but a leader. Questionable.

The facts, however, seem to indicate that our president has abdicated America from a leadership position by walking away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (You’re welcome, China), walking away from the Paris climate accord (Let it burn) and failing to get tough on Russia for meddling in the 2016 presidential election (Eh, no big deal, want your consulates back?).

He has sent mixed messages to our NATO allies by casting doubt on whether we will honor alliances. Japan is uneasy about China and arming for defense. He has placed his relatives in power positions in his administration and decried the press as enemies of the state.

The fox is quite visibly running the henhouse, with regulations attacked and democracy under daily assault. We used to lead the world by example, but now we are followers.

It seems that our Mr. Trump behaves much better abroad than he does at home. Perhaps he should stay in Europe, if he can find a place to stay.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Pam Sturm

Kansas City

Loans for all

The Kansas City Star should be ashamed of the headline on the front page of the July 9 edition, “Dreams denied.”

This headline and story gave the impression that the white community had united to deny minorities the ability to obtain housing loans. This is far from the truth.

Perhaps The Star should have indicated that such loans are available to all who qualify, not just a select portion of the population. I’m sure lending institutions look at one’s qualifications to repay such loans, not the color of the applicants’ skin.

This only adds to the total misconception of “white privilege,” which is nonexistent.

This newspaper should be more attentive to the wording of its headlines and stories, especially in these racially sensitive times.

Newsrooms should be impartial in their political views and not push the outlook of the editorial staffs, but rather the facts.

Walt Meyers

Kansas City

Role models

I arrived home from work Tuesday upset by the latest revelations about the Trump family’s sordid contacts with the Russian government. Then I read the beautiful obituaries of James B. Nutter and Neal Patterson.

What great men. I just sat at my kitchen table and cried with relief to be reminded that there are such selfless, wonderful people in our community.

Thank you for printing these tributes and bringing back my faith in what good people can do.

Dyanna Ballou


Need the truth

The free press is part of the First Amendment to make sure that the truth is told. Fake news destroys confidence in what is being put forth as news. So in the end, truth will set us free.

George L. Randle

Kansas City