Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss Kellyanne Conway, a bad Royals seat and the poor

Fighting truths

Whom are we to believe? I’ll put my money on The Economist any day of the week. For that matter, I put my money on The Kansas City Star too. It is downright scary to hear her diatribe on this subject. (June 26, 10A, “White House blames Obama for failing to stop Russian meddling”)

On Jan. 7, The Economist, one of the most reputable news journals in the world, reported: “Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and imposed new economic sanctions in retaliation against Russian hackers’ interference in America’s election. American intelligence agencies say that Russia released stolen e-mails of Democratic Party officers in order to aid the campaign of Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin declined to strike back, winning praise from Mr. Trump.”

Whom are we to believe? I’ll put my money on The Economist any day of the week. For that matter, I put my money on The Kansas City Star too. We need strong print media to help keep the truth in front of the public and the world.

Linda Vogel Smith


Don’t pick sides

C’mon America. We need to wake up to what our politicians are doing to us. They are playing us for suckers. They are collectively laughing at us whenever they meet in the lounge that I imagine exists in the bowels of the (I fear irreversibly corrupted) Capitol.

They think we are naive, short-sighted and stupid. Politicians on both sides stopped representing us long ago. They are just out to fatten their wallets and stay in power.

How do they do this? By dividing us and painting each side as evil incarnate. (Hitler comparisons, anyone?) This is true of all parties: Democrats, Republicans and, yes, even independents. I am looking at you, Bernie “Multiple Houses” Sanders.

We are smarter than this. Surely, we all know deep down that Republicans do not want to kill grandma and grandpa. Honestly, if we search our feelings, do we really think Democrats are worse with budgets than the other side? The parties are one and the same, working together to stay in power at the expense of the good of the country.

It is time we stand up and shout for a true third-party option.

Scott Hipp


Past is prologue

As our partisan political system pushes us toward a conflict between the fascist GOP and the socialistic Democrats, I am reminded of the Spanish Civil War, which began more than 80 years ago.

It seems that we never look back, in order to see ourselves today.

John Nelles


Royal obstruction

I bought six tickets to the June 23 Royals game on StubHub. I sat in Section 428, Row CC, Seat 1. My seat had a cruddy view of home plate. The end of a plexiglass wall prompted me to lean to one side of the wall or the other to see the plate.

I took a picture of my view and emailed the Kansas City Royals’ organization. I received a polite call basically blaming StubHub for not including a note that the seat would have an “obstructed view” and indicating that had I purchased the tickets directly from the Royals, the site would have noted that.

I went to the Royals’ website and chose a date in September. The exact seat was available — with no mention of an obstructed view.

I called back and talked with the same man who called me. He acted puzzled and said he would notify his boss.

Was I offered a free ticket? A bobblehead? Nope. Not even a free hot dog at my next game. Nothing.

Customer service should be the No. 1 priority. With this response from the Royals, I will be staying home and watching games on my HD TV.

Mike Harding

Kansas City

Rich lives

In her June 21 op-ed “Rich and poor alike have the wrong mindset on poverty,” (17A) Joan Maya Mazelis shows a lack of understanding in her criticism of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Her interpretation of Carson’s statement that poverty is a state of mind was — like most who think it’s the government’s job to solve all social issues — equated to dollars and cents.

Carson was talking about your approach to life and the situation you find yourself in. It’s why so many poor families have wonderful, rich family lives and are totally satisfied with the love, sharing, togetherness and hospitality of their families and friends.

We have become a nation of money worshipers rather than respecters of character attributes that define greatness. It’s not so much how much money you have as what you do with the money you have.

Calvin Day

Kansas City