Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss the GOP shootings, DMV frustrations and the Thomas Hart Benton home

Virginia shootings

The level of anger in this nation has been simmering for many years. It boiled over Wednesday.

Differences and divisions have been on the front burner for 10 years. This nation’s leaders have been pointing out these differences for their own objectives.

Washington leaders are now reaping what they have sowed. The seeds of this anger were planted by those who want to splinter us into small groups so they can stay in power.

These are the United States of America. We are not the Divided States.

Take the time today to have a conversation with someone you do not know. Make a new friend and find all the things you have in common. We are all in one nation.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

Thanks to the gun lobby, gun violence has become as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and lemonade. Incredibly, incredibly sad.

Rebecca Mathews

Kansas City

DMV issues

Why did the downtown Kansas City DMV office have only one person working the driver’s license line and one person working the title line at 12:30 p.m. Monday? I got a number and signed up for text alerts.

I saw that the wait time was more than 200 minutes, so I drove to Independence, got my license, went to Price Chopper, got groceries and went home.

After all that, I received a text that said, “You will be up in 30 minutes. Please proceed to the Downtown KC DMV.”

I don’t understand the understaffing. I am no performance-optimization specialist, but something has to change.

Joe DeMarco

Kansas City

Health care reality

Health care coverage for Americans can be accomplished. We family-values and pro-life supporters need to insist on prevention, prenatal and maternity coverage in all insurance plans.

All elected officials denigrating the Affordable Care Act need to stop creating chaos in the insurance markets. Insurance companies need stability and predictability to plan their offerings.

Related lawsuits that total billions of dollars are pending against insurance companies. Any money collected in these suits should be returned to the Medicare Advantage program.

Since rural coverage is challenging under managed care because of the sparsity of population and the economics of scale, these areas need alternative plans, such as the ability to buy into Medicare before the age of 65.

Alice Kitchen

Kansas City

Parks closure

Although I agree with the headline of The Star’s June 12 editorial, “Kansas City’s new parks curfew not a cure-all for crime” (6A), I think the premise that it is a “regrettable turn” is far from the truth.

Many neighborhood leaders supported the amended ordinance, which now includes hours of operation for all 221 city parks. It has been a long time coming.

No city park is immune to problems such as drug dealing and solicitation. The cover of darkness invites such unwelcome activity. Established hours of operation will provide the police department with a tool to address these issues.

The attendant resolution directing the city manager to work with the parks department to develop a comprehensive safety plan will ensure that city residents have confidence they can enjoy our outstanding parks without fear of personal peril.

It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Kathleen Arthur

Kansas City

Right to work

When Missouri’s legislature passed a bill with the false slogan “right to work,” it was not representing the interests of working Missourians. It attacks everyone with one purpose: destroy your chances to achieve success. It limits your civil rights and destroys the freedoms of association that have resulted in improved safety and training, reasonable working conditions and fair pay without regard to sex or ethnicity.

Concerned citizens, community leaders and businesses are standing up to this punitive law. Signatures are being gathered on an initiative petition, which would allow registered voters to decide the future of our state. Will we be allowed to reject a law that attacks the civil rights of all?

You, your family and your friends can participate in the process to secure a citizens vote throughout Kansas City and Missouri. Call a union office, your church or your state representative’s or senator’s office for directions.

Should the wealthiest control your ability to provide improved opportunities for your family? When was the last time a millionaire looked out for your best interests?

John Boyd

Lee’s Summit