Letters to the Editor

Letters: Jackson County jail, sore loser Hillary Clinton and The Star’s coverage of an accused killer

Jail problems

Directly related to the overload and inadequacy of our Jackson County jail is our woefully inadequate court and legal system, which detains people up to five years while they await their day in court to establish their innocence or guilt.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Not everyone who comes in is guilty, but their lives can be totally disrupted while taking up space and taxpayers’ money in the county jail.

The census in the jail could be cut in half if the courts could process the cases in a reasonable amount of time. The courts can’t function sufficiently because they are underfunded by our legislators, who say they want to get tough on crime in order to get elected.

And who elects our legislators?

Terry Bruce

Retired priest in residence

St. Peter’s Parish

Kansas City

Airport debate

I appreciated Teresa Loar’s guest commentary, “Why the rush to build a new single terminal?” (June 7, 15A). She writes that she stands with the residents of Kansas City. Maybe residents of the Northland, but not Kansas City as a whole.

The aviation committee spent $300 million to renovate Kansas City International Airport’s three terminals. Much of this money was wasted since Terminal A is no longer in operation.

She writes, “KCI is the most convenient in the world.” Last week, I arrived at Gate 32 in Terminal B and had to walk more than one-half mile to get to the baggage area. Convenient?

She writes, “This is the largest capital project the city has pursued.” Denver built a single terminal that opened in 1995 for about $5 billion (the largest capital project the city had pursued), and last year alone it generated nearly $1 billion in gross revenue. Not a bad investment.

Kent Mitchell


Truth, fiction

A May 31 letter to the editor stated that the “left-wing media” are trying to run President Donald Trump out of office and that this is not “fair.” The writer was angry because Trump is being compared to Adolf Hitler.

How soon people forget. Glenn Beck had a rally in Washington, D.C., with the express purpose of undermining Barack Obama’s presidency. There were pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache, and people carrying signs calling to impeach him.

The difference is that the people wanting to impeach Obama were doing it because of lies — that he was born in Kenya and is a secret Muslim. People are opposing Trump because he incited violence at his rallies, mocked opponents, mocked veterans, mocked a disabled man, assaults women, has suspicious Russian ties, is supported by white supremacist David Duke and is clearly ignorant of science.

Oh, and he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

Dawn Olney

Prairie Village

Sore loser?

For the past week, we have been constantly shown on TV Hillary Clinton lamenting her loss in November’s election. I am reminded of H.L. Mencken, who once said, “Nothing is so abject and pathetic as a politician who has lost his job, save only a retired stud-horse.”

John Lovelace


Wrong focus

I have a question about the June 6 story, “Suspect’s neighbors left with questions” (12A). It went on and on about what the shooter’s neighbors think about him, but don’t you think it should have quoted neighbors of the victim?

This was very disrespectful to the 19-year-old black man, shot by this 45-year-old white man who seems to be without any character flaws if you listen to these neighbors.

I don’t know if it was a change of lanes gone wrong, a “finger salute” or whatever. I don’t care how nice a neighbor the shooter was.

The Star owed the victim some thoughts from his friends and neighbors.

Karen Zentz


Politics, baseball

I just heard that the Royals are airing messages from an anti-abortion group throughout their broadcasts. (June 3, 3B, “Pro-choice group chides Royals”) So I will not be attending Royals games in the future.

How sad this is for me. My family and I just moved from the West Coast and haven’t been here even a year. My husband is from the area, and when the Royals won the World Series, something magical and inexplicable happened. And we decided to relocate here.

Personally, I don’t support abortion except in extreme cases. But my personal political views have nothing to do with the Royals’ new policy.

How distasteful to bring politics — and religion — into sports, to divide people in an arena that brings them together. I work for the diocese in the schools, and I support its policies. The Royals are tainting baseball.

Jennifer Kelly