Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Week: GOP hypocrisy over privacy concerns

Hypocrisy over privacy concerns

I read with fury the story, “Congress guts rules on internet privacy, enables snooping.” (March 29, 7A)

What a hypocrite President Donald Trump is — accusing former president Barack Obama four times of wiretapping his precious Trump Tower, then vowing to sign a bill that will empower internet service providers to snoop on users without consent and sell the data to marketers.

The GOP is beyond hypocritical, saying over and over the government should not be involved in our free speech — then passing this bill.

I received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from college, learning the importance of Federal Communications Commission licensing, regulations and monitoring to protect the media. But the First Amendment was also considered a priority.

As a retired teacher, I believe TV stations and websites could benefit from more monitoring and regulations (which Trump wants to abolish) for issues such as obscenity and pornography. Perhaps children could be blocked from certain sites, and there could be monitoring for civility.

However, because this bill is helping internet providers make money, the GOP thinks it is OK to snoop on users but to not regulate the businesses and internet organizations. And all for greed.

Are there still any doubts that Trump and his cabinet have been in collusion for selfish gain?

Laraine Turner

Kansas City