Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers discuss politicians’ tax returns, the ACA and why Hillary Clinton lost

Need to know

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know why President Donald Trump and Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens don’t release their tax statements. They have something to hide. That is why I never vote for anyone who won’t release their tax information.

Bill Betteridge


Health facts

Tom Price, President Donald Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services, was asked repeatedly about his plans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Price’s plan relies on a continuous coverage provision, which would require people with pre-existing conditions to get a coverage waiver. An insurer offering coverage would not be able to deny coverage if the individual has at least 18 months of continuous coverage before enrolling.

Think about it this way: I’m 33 and have Parkinson’s disease. If I’m not able to afford coverage for even one month, I lose health insurance forever.

I would not be able to afford medications, which cost $27,000 a year, along with seeing doctors, which costs $1,200 a visit. I would waste away until I’m not able to do anything for myself.

Are you comfortable with condemning me? What did I and all Americans with pre-existing conditions do to deserve that?

If you argue financials, then you’ve already lost. This is about life. It doesn’t matter the cost. We created money. We didn’t create life.

I will pray for compassion and understanding from our politicians to make the right choice and to support a cause that they so often tout — life.

Clifford Inbody

Overland Park

Trumped out

When will The Star stop printing all the negatives about newly elected President Donald Trump?

I did not vote for Barack Obama eight years ago or even four years ago, but I did not waste my time crying about him being elected. I believe him to be one of the worst presidents in our history, but a very slick speaker. I also am happy the Clintons are out of the White House.

People need to realize that the American people (not Meryl Streep and the Hollywood rich folks) are unhappy with the political system we have had. Between Obama and Hillary Clinton we have had Obamacare, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation tricks, 30,000 illegal emails by our secretary of state, and the list goes on.

The suggested hacking by Russia did not impact my decision, nor many others in this country. We want a change from the political stunts pulled over the last eight years. Obama’s support of Clinton was far worse for her than any Russian hacking.

Come on, you upset Democrats. Let’s move on.

Mac Andrew

Kansas City

Missing figures

On The Star’s Jan. 19 front page was a story about how 2016 was the third year in a row with increasing temperatures, and that it was the hottest on record. (“Earth hits another record high temperature”)

This was based on a model used by the British and American governments, and the initial findings were also supported by the Japanese government. It stated the new record average temperature trounced the previous record, established the year before.

What was missing were the actual numbers themselves. The only source I could find, which came from the British newspaper The Independent’s interview with a government climate scientist, indicated the increase was one one-hundredth of a degree Celsius, with a tenth of a degree margin of error.

I am not disputing climate change here, but some facts to back up the article would have made it much better. Instead it comes off like an opinion, stating that the 2016 temperature “trounced” the 2015 temperature. That doesn’t have any place on the front page.

Stephen Goertzen


Lost media

Our fearless national press has swept its searching spotlight over all the happenings of the day and concluded the most serious possible calamity we should watch out for is … voter fraud, followed by who will pay for the wall. I reach this conclusion by noting the number of minutes devoted to these two topics on TV and in various editorials.

We, the public, know this is all hooey. So if President Donald Trump can find a few allies to go off on a wild goose chase into election practices, we should wish them well on their solitary journey and wait quietly for the results. We do not think he will trudge long unless cheered or booed.

Is the press stupid, or gullible? These are red herrings the prez is waving about, and the press sniffs along behind like a hungry skunk. It is time to “repeal and replace” the worst offenders.

Ron Platt

Overland Park