Letters to the Editor

Letters: Readers share opinions on guns, cartoons, Trump, library lighting and war

Gun laws

Dear governor-elect Eric Greitens,

I was so pleased to read that your wife came home to you safe and sound from her brush with the fickle finger of fate (12-7, 4A, “Three held in robbery of wife of Greitens”).

I hope and pray that during your time as governor of our great state, when common-sense gun-control legislation comes across your desk, you are able to think back and realize how fortunate you and your children are.

Some of us weren’t so lucky.

William J. LaManno

Kansas City

Tasteless humor

Generally, I give The Star high marks for its Opinion pages, but I was disappointed Dec. 21 because of two cartoons showing bad taste.

Lee Judge must certainly be one of the best political cartoonists working. But his cartoon showing a character and the headline, “Heimlich inventor dies,” setting up Judge’s caption, “And just when the Chiefs needed him,” is an offense to the memory of a dedicated physician, recently deceased, who contributed to public health.

On another page, a syndicated cartoon mocked the recently deceased Zsa Zsa Gabor about her multiple marriages. Timing alone makes this offensive to the family as well as to thousands of fans who appreciated her performances over multiple decades.

Both were unfortunate and lame attempts at humor.

Bob Campbell


Money talks

Donald Trump put up $66 million of his own money to finance his presidential campaign. Why? Follow his actions and see how he and the rest of the 1 percent make out.

His $66 million investment will be peanuts compared with the return from his actions as president. With money, you can brainwash people into believing things even if they are not true.

Do you really believe my vote counts when he has money like this?

Now Trump is cutting out the media, because he does not want to be questioned about anything. The only way we will know what he is up to will be from his Twitter feed — no questions asked.

Looks like he is going to a part-time president. All I can pray for is that I am wrong.

Russell Taylor

Blue Springs

Library lights

Why are there insufficient lights outside the entrance to the Kansas City Library’s Plaza Branch?

I’ve always thought of libraries as safe, warm and welcoming places. But the Plaza Library at night (which now means after 5:30 p. m.) has a dark, dismal and dangerous feel to it.

I patronize several Kansas City public libraries, but from now on I will go somewhere other than the Plaza Branch after dark.

Nancy Clark

Kansas City

Perpetual war

Sadly, we now accept that our military and other government intelligence services deceive us in pursuit of their task to defend U.S. prerogatives and the entitlements that result.

Coup against a popularly elected foreign government? Can do. Can we hide our involvement? For now, yes; let people figure it out later — much later.

Our nation was not born with imperialist ambitions and the call to police the world. In fact, it was just the opposite. We believed in the sovereignty of each nation.

Following that dream does not require fooling all the people all the time. But pursuit of secret, illegal, immoral acts to serve the interests of American business requires the big lies.

The suckers have to buy in, and good cover stories must be sold. Remember the Maine. Gulf of Tonkin. Weapons of mass destruction.

Is there a way out of perpetual war? Can we have real faith in our government again? Where do we even start?

Is it hopeless and we must accept living in a state of “ignorance is bliss”? Feed us more fiction and let the circus begin.

Fred Slough

Kansas City