Letters to the Editor

Readers sound off on race in Missouri, the Olympics, Obama’s legacy, education

Race in Missouri

Rick Montgomery’s story Thursday about Mercer County and its support of Donald Trump (10-13, 5A, “Trump towers in this Missouri county”) states that there were more registered Democrats in Missouri than Republicans in the 1970s. And then gun laws, abortion and religion changed this.

This is a case of ignoring the elephant in the living room. He doesn’t even mention race, specifically hatred of African-Americans.

This is the underlying reason for Missouri turning into red state. All you have to do to prove this is mention “that (black man) in the White House” in Mercer County or any other majority-white area of Missouri.

Thomas J. Hogan

Kansas City

Obama’s legacy

Nineteen trillion dollars in debt and counting. If we ever fall into another recession, and we will, please tell me how we’re going to be able to afford another Keynesian-led recovery?

Saddled with this much debt, we won’t be able to to pump up the economy with anything but political hot air.

Sadly, President Barack Obama’s lasting legacy items are that everything is political and the ends justify the means.

Plenty of audacity. Zero on the hope.

Jim Eschrich


Candidate Clinton

We have heard repeatedly that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s approval rating is historically the lowest among candidates nominated by a major party (except for Donald Trump). Analysts attribute this to hoopla about her emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Pundits have missed two important contributing factors. Many people believe that their God would never place a woman in a high government position. They would quote the following scripture: “Wives be subject to your husbands ...” (Ephesians 5:22). In good conscience, these men and women, think that they would be sinning to vote for Clinton.

They cannot give her a good approval rating because their religions devalue females.

Because it is a major factor, this question should be asked in every poll: “Do you believe God would want a woman to be president?”

Also, how and why would anyone compare Clinton’s ratings with those in the past and conclude they are so negative? This is the first woman to run for president who was nominated by a major party.

The fact that she can garner 45 percent in any poll is beyond our wildest dreams for a woman candidate. Her candidacy is a major achievement.

Marla J. Selvidge

Village of Loch Lloyd

KC Olympics

I was reading how Rome withdrew from the 2024 Summer Olympics bidding (10-12, 2B, The Buzz) over the projected cost of hosting the games. In looking at all that is required, I look around our city, and all I see are answers.

We have Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums, two stadiums in Kansas City, Kan., another in Lawrence, another in St. Joseph and one in Columbia. We have the Sprint Center and Kemper Arena, in addition to Bartle Hall and Municipal Auditorium.

We have the beach volleyball center in Shawnee and the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence. For rowing, we have Smithville Lake and Lake Jacomo. Pools — take your pick.

We have the student housing centers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (which could use some additional rooms) and the dormitories at the University of Kansas and several other local colleges.

You figure in the cost of a couple 1,000-room hotels that need to be built anyway, and all I see are possibilities.

Michael Boatright


Email outrage

I am not a Donald Trump fan, but he is bashed daily by The Kansas City Star. Hillary Clinton’s so-called missteps are either minimized or completely ignored.

Where is the outrage over the emails of the inner circle of Clinton’s team mocking Catholics? I’ve scanned the paper for an article Wednesday and Thursday, but couldn’t even find one hidden toward the back of the paper.

People of any faith should take this attack as a personal assault on their religious freedom. We will never get unbiased coverage from the liberal media.

Rose Soptic

Roeland Park

Scrutinize Trump

I am really tired of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump being given a pass by the press because he’s “not the usual politician.” I want to see his tax returns. I want him hounded until he produces them.

I want to know the Internal Revenue Service’s answer as to whether he can produce them. If it’s OK with the IRS, then get them out there for the public to see.

Whom has he had business dealings with? Whom does he owe money to?

I want to know what countries he has had business dealings with. His business should be as documented and open to the public as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails.

It’s a matter of national security whom Trump has been dealing with, where he made his money and the banks that loaned him money.

I want to know about Trump University. Does GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence have any input?

On the Trump Foundation, who has donated to it? Who’s on the board?

I want Trump’s business to be as scrutinized by the press as Clinton’s emails.

We have heard Clinton raked over the coals for 26 years. I don’t think 24 days for Trump is too much to ask.

Donna Sunderson


Educate all

I’m a nerd. Learning new things, finding connections between things I learned long ago and the new stuff, having my world shattered by new research — I can’t get enough.

For this love of learning, I have school to thank. Accepting this fact while recognizing that millions of kids around the world don’t have access to schooling is incomprehensible.

The Education for All Act, through existing United States Agency for International Development funds, proposes comprehensive measures for managing resources, strengthening systems for long-term stability, requiring specific indicators and objectives to measure progress in the classroom, and focusing on attendance and retention for schools in developing countries. These are the basic principles that determine the future.

These educational advancements greatly affect individuals and entire communities. Without an education, children are more vulnerable to the pull of extremist groups, at greater risk of contracting infectious and deadly diseases, and more likely targets for forced labor, trafficking and child marriage.

Research has shown that each year of formal schooling for males reduces their risk of becoming involved in conflict by 20 percent.

Education is incredibly powerful. Please call your senators and urge them to co-sponsor Senate Bill 3256.

Christine Rock


Staying skeptical

Remember Capt. Louis Renault in the movie “Casablanca” being “shocked, shocked” to learn there was gambling in Rick’s back room? I am reminded of this listening to news accounts and holier-than-thou remarks from both sides of the aisle regarding the Donald Trump tape of 11 years ago.

Imagine, there are men who could actually talk this way! Please pardon the tongue in my cheek.

Yes, some women have come forward now with their allegations, but I am skeptical given none of them filed charges 11 years ago. Timing is everything, and this time certainly benefits the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Just ask yourself, is our national security harmed more by allegations of sexual impropriety, or by the mishandling of classified documents, corruption and dishonesty?

Cathy Owens

Kansas City

Constitution lesson

I doubt Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has ever read — or has knowledge of — our Constitution.

Yes, it is written in complex 18th-century English. But will someone please give him a CliffsNotes version? And have a quiz at the end of the hour?

Terry Jo “T.J.” Snyder

Mission Hills

No shock

Enough with the fake shock about Donald Trump’s video.

When twerking is our national dance and rap our most popular music, we’re shocked?

When the acceptable fashion statement for men is pants around their knees, this just screams that there is a huge crack in our society. Pun intended.

Trump’s words were reprehensible, but they only reflect a very disturbing trend in this country: lack of self-respect.

I work in a call center and hear little old ladies use language that would make a sailor blush.

So enough with the holier-than-thou-art attitude at Trump. He said it, and we twerk to it.

Danette Gamble

Overland Park

Divided we fall

Have we paid attention to the political climate beyond our shores? Without solidarity in support of our American troops, we may be pledging allegiance to a flag other than our own.

Lynne Kukal

Kansas City, Kan.

Words matter

If it’s important to say the words “radical Islamist terrorists,” then it is also important to say the words “reactionary white nationalists.”

Bob Campbell


Experienced pilot

I just saw the excellent movie “Sully,” about a pilot with 40 years of flying experience landing a commercial airliner on the Hudson River.

On the way home, I wondered which presidential candidate I would want to handle an extreme emergency. I’ll go for the candidate who has 40 years of experience.

Steve Duggan