Letters to the Editor

Readers share views on homeland security, weather overkill and foster parenting

Homeland security

Historically, Democratic majorities result in significant changes while Republican majorities result in moderate changes, if any.

With the landslide nature of the last election, the American people have spoken loudly against the changes of the Democratic majorities in the last six years.

I sure hope Rep. Sam Graves, Sen. Roy Blunt and the other GOP representatives understand that we, the people, are looking for large changes from their party this time.

One idea would be to dismantle the Department of Homeland Security and put the departments that make up this behemoth of an agency back to manageable levels.

The fact that it is impossible to stop the president’s amnesty actions because defunding one part of the Department of Homeland Security defunds the whole thing makes Congress impotent and is blatantly contrary to the separation of powers.

It is possible for us to be secure while funding and holding each part of Homeland Security accountable. This is a Republican change that could stand to be undone or at least improved upon. This is just one idea that could garner large public support. I am sure there are others.

Chris DeWeese

Trimble, Mo.

Defeating militants

The president submitted a request for authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic State (2-16, A1, “Latest beheadings come from Libya”). This is a good thing.

We, the people, and our representatives must become involved in demanding accountable actions against the barbarians of the Islamic State. We must also move beyond wrangling over specific language, whereas this and that, and focus on what we, the people, need to know and when we need to know it.

Before Congress approves a new authorization for the use of military force we need to know the policy objectives we hope to achieve with the use of force, and other elements of national power. We must require our president to report to our Congress, on a regular basis, what progress is being made in degrading and defeating the Islamic State.

Reports do not prohibit action. Reports keep the people informed of military actions taken in defense of our republic and our vital national interests. Our Congress must get involved.

Kevin Benson


Media ethical lapses

I really don’t understand all the uproar about Brian Williams’ ethical lapses. But I do agree they were unethical and he does need to be held accountable.

But the entire Fox News network has been distorting the facts (also known as the truth) for years. However, I have never seen any front-page news stories about Fox News staff’s shenanigans.

I have never seen the same amount of news media uproar about the news media’s own dishonesty.

Elwin McKenzie Jr.


Students killed

What is worse, the idea that Craig Stephen Hicks is accused of gunning down three college students because he is a Muslim-hating bigot, or that he is accused of gunning them down because of a dispute over parking (2-14, A3, “Slaying suspect had cache of arms”)?

Welcome to the new America, where our gun-worshiping culture allows easy access to firearms and any suggestion of reasonable rules for the possession and use of such weapons is treated as unpatriotic.

Now any hothead with impulse-control problems can be the author of senseless tragedies such as this.

We are bound to see many more.

Cindy Basaure


Government problem

These are sad times, when the justice system has the honest citizen to the point that he doesn’t trust his own government. How could President Barack Obama or anybody pull us out of such a predicament?

No wonder the honest citizen wants nothing to do with the law. Our justice system and the money group have not only put many people out of work but have left them hungry and out in the cold.

Has anyone been prosecuted in the Great Recession that the government, bankers, lawyers and big-money group pulled off? Did Bernie Madoff do that?

The Ferguson, Mo., unrest isn’t just a race thing. It makes me sick to think that the whole world has been swindled by a bunch of crooked lawyers and crooks with a brotherhood system.

If you work for a city, county, state or the federal government and think it’s all right, then you are part of the problem.

Every time I hear our people curse Obama, I can’t see why they don’t write their representatives in Congress.

If everyone wrote to them over the last 50 years, we wouldn’t have as many crooks in our government and banking system.

William Leroy Elwood

Osceola, Mo.

Weather overkill

It’s winter, for the love of God, winter. It’s going to be cold, and it’s going to snow. That’s not news.

On Sunday, I watched 56 minutes of KMBC-TV, Channel 9 “news.” I say “news” because the broadcast was anything but.

The newscasters started with the weather, continued with weather and kept going with — weather. It was at least 10 to 12 minutes into the broadcast before there was any news.

There were two stories on wrecks (both actually in the same story), a story on the shooting in Denmark, fire at Independence Center, more weather, Larry Moore’s segment, weather, sports, weather, Mahoney’s Minute, weather, finishing with weather.

All along the way, there were multiple updates from Eli Rosenberg, Haley Harrison, Bryan Busby and Nick Bender. What were they updating? They had just told us a few minutes earlier the information they were now updating.

We saw Eli driving along U.S. 50, telling us the visibility was poor, something we were able to see from the video he was shooting. Haley explained how the snow was starting to stick to the rear window of her car.

Could that have been because the inside of her car was warm and the snow was melting slightly?

Lane Sekavec

De Soto

Foster parenting

Kansas state Sen. Forrest Knox submitted Senate Bill 158, which would require foster families to be a husband and wife married at least seven years, no alcohol or tobacco in the home, with one stay-at-home parent (2-11, A4, “New foster-care tier is proposed”).

It appears that Sen. Knox is just attempting to create a foster-care system in which everyone would be just like him.

Sen. Knox’s tier would eliminate foster families that include Christian married couples who happen to have a glass of wine on occasion, all singles, married couples who are followers of other faiths such as Judaism, nontraditional couples and any couple married less than seven years or any in which both parents work.

Good foster parents are devoted individuals who may be single or married. I would be willing to bet there are numerous single foster parents and foster families who don’t meet Sen. Knox’s view of the ideal foster family who do just as well if not a better job than Sen. Knox’s overinflated personal opinion of himself.

This bill is offensive to all those foster parents who don’t fit Sen. Knox’s views. It has to be one of the most idiotic, bigoted bills to be introduced in the Kansas Legislature.

Steve McBride

Overland Park

Invite Christo to KC

I suggest that Kansas City Mayor Sly James invite Christo (the wrap artist) and his wife Jeanne-Claude to town to discuss the feasibility of an art project. Possible sites are the new Christopher S. Bond Bridge and Swope Park.

Ray Mais


Cheers for Royals

I have been a fan of the Kansas City Royals even when they were down. I am much more a fan now.

I am 15 years old and recently was to be accepted into the Eagle Scout of Honor. I had completed my project but needed one thing more — commendation letters from important people.

I wrote to the Kansas City Royals as a afterthought. To my surprise, I received a very complimentary letter with an enclosed World Series pin.

The Kansas City Royals are not only a competitive team, they are a community-service team.

Jaxson Doll