Rape is not the victim’s fault. Period.

Tony Berg
Tony Berg

A guest column published in The Star on Saturday has prompted a lot of reaction from the community.

The column explored the understandably sensitive issue of rape. In hindsight, it should never have been published.

We made the decision to remove it from our website based on the following indisputable facts: 1. Rape is a violent act in which the victim loses control. 2. If a person is incapacitated and someone takes advantage of them sexually, the law considers that rape or sexual assault and the victim is blameless.

As the publisher of The Star, I take responsibility for what shows up in our editorials.

I appreciate the point the writer was trying to make about responsibility, particularly when alcohol is involved. But as an older brother to two sisters, I believe when a person is sexually assaulted, it’s not their fault. Period.

I apologize that the column was published and assure you we are putting even more measures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.