Send Pat Roberts packing and Greg Orman to the U.S. Senate

Greg Orman will fight for Kansas’ best interests in the U.S. Senate.
Greg Orman will fight for Kansas’ best interests in the U.S. Senate. The Associated Press

As each day passes, more Kansans are seeing why they need to dump the mean-spirited U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts and replace him with Greg Orman, a champion of effective leadership who will proudly serve the state’s residents.

With his relentlessly unfair and negative TV attack ads trying to smear Orman, Roberts provides more evidence that he is out of touch with Kansans who deserve a positive representative in Washington.

Ignore his self-hyped image as an avuncular and genuine Kansan; Roberts’ 2014 campaign has exposed him as just another desperate political hack. He will say and do anything to try to win on Nov. 4, even as those tactics rob him of credibility to serve the state.

In one recent example, Roberts missed a Senate committee hearing on Sept. 16 about the threat of the Ebola outbreak in western Africa. When challenged by Orman about this during a debate, Roberts said, “The hearing was held out of session, during September.”

Wrong. The Senate was in session that day. In fact, Roberts cast votes on a few issues, including his usual “nay” vote on anything connected to President Barack Obama. The president had nominated the well-regarded Stephen Burns to be a new member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Despite Roberts’ vote, the full Senate confirmed Burns.

Armed with meager accomplishments after 18 years in the Senate, Roberts has been unable to put together any kind of coherent campaign telling Kansans why to vote for him.

Kansans also ought to ignore the claim by Roberts and his supporters that voting to put the Republican back in his Washington seat could help the GOP gain control of the Senate. Polls show that takeover likely will happen anyway. More notably, re-electing Roberts would saddle Kansans with an unproductive senator for six more years.

The contrast with the more upbeat Orman is stark. The challenger is focused on talking about what really matters to Kansans.

Orman has the track record in business to prove that he can keep his word to fight the “broken political system” and work toward true change in how Congress solves the nation’s problems.

Roberts promises nothing of the kind. His “just say no” attitude on so many crucial issues — immigration reform to help Kansas’ farm economy comes to mind — is the kind of defeatist approach many Americans are sick of these days.

Kansas voters should send Roberts packing and Orman to Washington.