Lee Judge

Readers share thoughts on Orlando killings, guns, KCK, KCI

Balanced opinions

You cannot say The Star presents only one side of a concern.

The June 13 As I See It column, “Restricting concealed carry only makes cities like KC less safe,” by Bill Flynt ends saying, “Anti-gun is pro crime.”

In the same issue the editorial, “Guns, terrorism, hatred poison America,” timely reads: “The full-throated defense of the National Rifle Association and the gun industry that makes billions of dollars selling largely unneeded weapons to Americans was trotted out, on schedule, by too many.”

Maybe Mr. Flynt should promote a fleet of trucks going street to street selling guns to all who have enough dollars.

More guns is not the answer.

Rev. William W.



Changes in KCK

Recently I drove to Kansas City, Kan., the city of my birth, to take something to my brother. As I drove up Central Avenue toward my last residential neighborhood there, a lump grew in my throat and my heart began to pound.

Everything was the same, yet it has all changed. I swear 18th Street used to be so much wider. How can an entire hospital (Bethany) just disappear? The old Donnelly College building is gone, too.

Many of the old businesses are gone, and the buildings now have foreign names or have been razed leaving gaping holes in the texture of the area.

Some good news: The neighborhood is still grounded by two icons. St. Peter’s Cathedral feeds the soul, and Fritz’s serves burgers and fries.

I went home again, but they had rearranged the furniture.

Steve Walters

Kansas City

KCI standstill

It’s shameful that Kansas City is still hemming and hawing on what to do about Kansas City International Airport. I no longer care whether the city builds a new terminal or renovates the old ones.

Just do something. The people who say it’s fine the way it is must fly a couple times a year at most.

There should also be a way for people on both sides of the state line to have a voice on this issue. Drive around any of the airport parking lots, and you will see that more than half the cars have Kansas plates.

I have great affection for KCI. I have been flying out of it since I was a little boy, and it would make me sad to see it demolished. But it makes me more sad to see Terminal A sitting empty, knowing there is no chance of growth or even staving off decline unless drastic measures are taken.

The City Council’s most vocal opponent to the new terminal, Councilwoman Teresa Loar, is just too embarrassed to admit that the $250 million KCI renovation she personally oversaw just 12 years ago was like painting a house that’s on fire.

Brian Banks

Overland Park

Trump dreams

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has many things on his side, one of which is the gullibility of the American voter.

St. Ronald Reagan promised to decrease the national debt while increasing defense spending and cutting taxes. Impossible on the face of it, yet many voted for this malarkey, and then saw the national debt double.

President George W. Bush was re-elected with the slogan that, contrary to fact, “He kept us safe.” Somehow many voters overlooked the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred on Bush’s watch.

Greed, fantasy and fear all played parts in the successful campaigns of these presidents.

So Trump’s vainglorious boasts to build a wall that Mexico will pay for plays to the fears and fantasies of many Americans. No matter that Mexican presidents past and present have ridiculed Trump’s absurd pipe dream.

Some Americans much prefer pipe dreams to reality.

James Obertino

Warrensburg, Mo.

Kansas tax cuts

I don’t go to Kansas very often. There is no reason to go over there.

We on the Missouri side of the state line have all the good restaurants, the Chiefs and Royals, the Sprint Center, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City International Airport and the streetcar.

Recently, however, I crossed the state line and was surprised to find that the streets are paved, the police are out patrolling, lots (and lots) of people are driving around in high-priced cars, and the kid who waited on me was articulate and knew how to make change.

So, what’s the problem with cutting taxes and scaling back government bureaucracy? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Peter Connors

Lee’s Summit