Royals welcomed back to Kansas City with a chill in the air

Count Royals left fielder Alex Gordon among those happy to be playing again at Kauffman Stadium.

“It’s great,” Gordon said ahead of Friday’s home opener. “It seems like we’ve been away forever with days off, we were in Milwaukee for two exhibitions. So I’m very excited to be home.”

The only thing that might have made the day better is improved weather. The Royals took batting practice in 39 degree temperatures with a wind measured at 15 mph.

Players wore stocking hats and were dressed in layers. One of the biggest adjustments for the players is going from the Arizona warmth to the Midwest spring.

“It’s not that bad,” Gordon said. “In Detroit it was somewhat nice. I was never cold. I always wear the same gear whether it’s 100 degrees or 50 degrees. I was OK. It’s just something that mentally you’ve got to be strong about and not let that creep into your head about the conditions or the cold.”

OK, but what if the wind chills are closer to 30 degrees?

“Still the same,” Gordon said with a smile.