Diamondbacks give their version on play that left Moose with cut lip

Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas was diplomatic about Wednesday’s run-in with the Diamondbacks’ Adam Eaton after the Royals’ 8-1 win in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Eaton attempted to steal third base by catching the Royals napping, but he was out by a country mile. When Moustakas applied the tag about 40 feet from third base, Eaton momentarily tried to push his way past Moustakas and in the process bloodied Moose’s lip.

“That’s just a guy who’s got no feel for the game,” Moustakas said afterward.

Of the play, Eaton told the Arizona Republic: “We just kind of got tangled up and I guess he took offense to it. You take it your own way, and I guess that’s just how it crumbled.”

In what should be a surprise to no one, Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson, the former Royal, was not quite as tactful.

“Eaton plays hard,” he told the Arizona Republic. “One of the reasons he’s playing is so he can learn. As far as Moustakas, I don’t give a (expletive) what he thinks.”

Hopefully there won’t be any hard feelings when the teams play again on March 23.