Royals tear it up with cool billboards

If you drive south on I-35 out of downtown, you may notice a Royals’ billboard that appears to have suffered wind damage over the weekend.

Not so. That’s the result of a James Shields fastball that came from across I-35.

The billboard of Shields having just delivered a pitch is on the east side of I-35. On the west side is Salvador Perez preparing to catch the ball. That big rip in the billboard goes straight to the ball.

Clever stuff.

“It’s supposed to look like the ball ripped through the billboard and is going into Salvador Perez’s glove,” said Toby Cook, the vice president of community affairs and publicity for the Royals.

Photos of the billboards here are ones I took with my phone, so the quality is pretty awful. However, you can see the billboards for yourself and others.

Cook said other billboards of the team can be found at:

**I-29 near 83rd in the Northland as you drive south from the airport

**I-70 at Van Brunt as you drive east from downtown to the Sports Complex

**I-70 and Broadway on the north side of the downtown loop