Shields gets his number

James Shields got his first victory as a Royal.

When Shields was introduced last month following the Royals’ trade with the Rays, he was wearing jersey number 24 instead of his traditional No. 33. That number belonged to Jeremy Guthrie, but Shields said “negotiations” were taking place.

"He's pretty stubborn, man, which I like," Shields said at the time. "It's a good trait in a pitcher."

It seems that Shields won out in the end, as the

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Guthrie has changed his number from 33 to 11, which was Yuniesky Betancourt’s old number. In other number news, Danny Duffy is switching from No. 23 to No. 41, while Everett Teaford is changing from 61 to 25.

New guy Ervin Santana is keeping his usual No. 54. Former Rays pitcher Wade Davis is keeping the No. 22 he was wearing in the introductory press conference.

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| Pete Grathoff, pgrathoff@kcstar.com