Dodgers give Greinke the richest deal for a pitcher

And to think, there was a time this summer when Royals fans thought the team might try and lure Zack Greinke to return.

Foolish, eh?

On Thursday, we saw the Royals revise how they determine their payroll figure, then change it again later that afternoon (at one time it included the entire 40-man roster and signing bonuses; now it's just the 40-man roster). Either way, we're talking about $70 million for the upcoming season.

On Saturday night, we saw the Dodgers reportedly offer Greinke $147 million for six seasons. The $24.5 million average annual value is the highest ever for a pitcher on a multiyear contract, beating out C.C. Sabathia's $24.4 million average annual salary with the Yankees.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers' salary commitments for 2013 would be close to $220 million, the most in baseball.

Is that crazy or what?

Clearly, the Dodgers have grabbed the Yankees' mantle as the most reckless spenders in baseball. What are your thoughts on Greinke's deal? Think it's too much? Or is this the new norm for baseball?

| Pete Grathoff, pgrathoff@kcstar.com